BUG - Skiff is embedded in snow

The skiff loaded with front end buried in snow. The back and middle are off the ground, so it doesn’t give option to mount the skiff. This occured in Act 2 Chapter 4. Right ouside of the Condor crash site.

Is there a way to reset the skiff or maybe push it backwards?

I took a screenshot and have it in my feed.


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Yes, same thing happened to me but in the sand. The backend is floating in the air and I can’t get to it.

Same problem I got in chapter 3 after dropping the bridge in the desert. The skiff is stuck in the sand. Can’t board it.


This just happened to me. Any fix? Or do I have to start the chapter over and hope next time it doesn’t happen?

Current fix seems to be changing difficulty, however you will lose non story related chapter progress and strangely some but not all upgrades (i kept inviz in chapter 3 even having not done water, though i did lose the sheild ability altogether. Also seem to have kept collectables but have kept most if not all components for jack upgrades

Same problem. Changing difficulty not work skiff still stuck.

Same spot as me!

Come on Microsoft! Give us a solution here!

Same here… :frowning:

I have the same issue…