Bug Report for TC (Gears 5)


Just writing this to report to TC a bug I discovered while playing Escape on The Hive.

During the run, I got hit by a flash grenade and then I paused the game and clicked on the Restart Act option. When I respawned, my screen still had the flashed effect on it. I tried restarting the act again and tried letting myself die, neither stopped the permanent flashed effect on the screen. Eventually I just returned to the lobby and restarted the game.

Let me know if this helps.

Aside from that topic, the game is amazing. Gears has always been my all-time favorite series since I first played Gears 2 horde on Security (I remember that first time playing so vividly as the game was so unique and I loved it). Thanks for the many hours of entertainment you have provided to me and many others.

Side note: I would love to see the Gold Custom Lancer skin in Gears 5. I had it in Gears 4 and it was such an awesome skin. It would be cool to have it once again. (i think the reason i like that skin so much is because of my vivid memories of Gears 2 and its golden lancer, which I had and loved)

Kind regards,