Bug! Ranks dropping super fast, please fix! Went from masters to onyx in 3 matches!

Me and my buddy are experiencing a huge issue! I was a masters in tdm and he was onyx3 and within the last 3 matches, I am now a diamond 1 and hes a gold. We won all the games but the ranks dropped dramatically. Please tell me this is a big, I dont want to loose my Masters in tdm! Anyone else experiencing this?


I was a masters at 30 ish percent

One win and I was a diamond 3 at 99
Next match, a win, diamond 2 at 99
Another win, diamond 1 at 99
And after my last win, I am now an onyx 3

For the love of gears gods please let this be a bug! Please tc, help!

Im also having the same problem. I was masters 3% in koth and now im diamond 3 lol. smh

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Well if TC wanted to officially kill their player base this will be the nail in the coffin, wow.

I agree with the play with your own rank thing but why reset it ? It’s a complete waste of peoples time and to be fair a complete disgrace. People wasted hours if not days grinding to their ranks and now everything is at a reset, it’s definitely safe to say this game wasn’t ready for release and should’ve waited 1-2 more years.

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So basically I’ve been stuck at Silver 2 ever since the game came out and I have not seen any changes to my ranks today. (Silver 1-2 on all playlists).

I was Onyx 2/3 and a D1 on most of Gears 4. This doesn’t feel right. No matter how good (or even bad) I do on 5, I don’t see any changes in rank.

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OMEGALUL. Just had my first KOTH match of the day. Started at Silver 3 65%. Played one game and gained +33 rank points. Now down to Silver 3 92%. Good job, good effort, TC.

Bottom line… EVERYONE dropped in rank… nobody gained… in my opinion that’s not a fix… if its suppose to make you your true rank at least ONE person should have gained rank


Should be? I was a Masters in tdm, and now I’m in gold 1! That’s ridiculous, I outscore and out kill the entire team 90% of the matches. No way “an adjustment to where you should be” should move a masters player down to Gold 1. I worked my ■■■ for that rank

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