Bug preventing people from completing campaign and Gilded RAAM achievement

Hello I am only posting this as an update to a previous thread and for anyone else having this issue.

I contacted TC via twitter and it looks like they are possibly going to look into it—at least I hope so.

I will update again if I get any word back.

UPDATE: TC tweeted this https://twitter.com/CoalitionGears/status/1114288461073096706

Hopefully this will be fixed soon but there on no details on what the issues are or if they are being sorted out. Also they are saying that only a small number of players are having issues…I wonder just how many people are experiencing them. Also what will happen if the challenge for the achievement ends before they get this sorted out?

Issues/Salt I know about so far:

  • (Issue) Story missions wont register dificulty completions and in turn not letting people get the coop hardcore achievement (what I am experiencing).
  • (Issue) XP counters are not updating or possibly counting.
  • (Salt) Low lvl players complaining about how long it will take them to reach reup 10

Solutions tried that failed:

  • Reinstalling the game
  • beating the chapter on solo & coop (both don’t show the completion)
  • beating a previous chapter and playing thru the needed chapter
  • Restarting the Xbox


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My tracker for the 1 mil points is stuck st 29 and ive done about 5 to 6 matches and it hasnt gone up once.

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I am having exactly the same issue. TC has posted that they are aware and attempting to fix it. I guess all we can do now is wait.


I’m glad I got it with no issue but you definitely aren’t lying about some people unfortunately having issues with this specific coop challenge. Some of my friends weren’t able to get the reward for some reason despite meeting the requirements.

I imagine will get fixed tomorrow :+1:

I have mine stuck at 13%. :disappointed_relieved:

Hopefully it gets fixed soon because it seems to only be with the timed challenges. I had not done any of the co-op campaign until this challenge. I have since completed the entire campaign with all the other Co-op achievements popping except for the challenge. Also my points counter has been stuck at 75%.

I’m stuck at 51% and for the campaign all I had to do was the mission before the one that it says u completed on normal

Thanks for your input! I will test that out.

I am choosing to assume that my million points being stuck at 8% is a VISUAL bug, and the data is actually being updated in the background… And will be brought up to date at some point, so I’m not freaking out yet… :slight_smile:

I am dealing with the same thing right now :expressionless:

I’ve been stuck at 60% ( Million point) for 4 days now.

Looks like completing the previous chapter first didn’t work for me… back to the complaining board

I have done all 3 of the challenges and got the achievements but didnt get the character or the skins… this is ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■

Lol. 5 days later


So looks like TC claims that they fixed whatever was going on but I am still unable to unlock the coop achievement. My game won’t read that I am beating the chapter I need on hardcore. I’ve played they many times, reinstalled and restarted the Xbox but nothing works. It still says I’ve only beaten it on normal.

hmmm… I’m about a 1/3 through the hardcore coop campaign, I’m getting the chapter achievements popping up along the way, let’s see what happens when we finish…

Try unplugging your console from the wall/power source and wait a few minutes and plug it back in. One forum member said he unplugged his xbox so his son could use it and when he plugged it back in his rewards were there in his inventory. That may help tracking…??..might be worth a try. Either way, I hope it pops for you.

Ok, so i hadnt heard anything from anyone regarding my issue. Not sure if anyone else is in same boat. But still no Raam since friday, and its now monday night for me here in Aust.

attached is a photo of my completed tasks, just dont get why i havent received my reward yet.

You actually have to complete the campaign on hardcore coop. Solo won’t do it.

To make it a bit easier and quicker, you can do it with a friend who plays on casual difficulty. The key thing is that YOU must be on hardcore mode.

You can even do it on splitscreen by your self with a second controller (although the motorbike section will be tough and probably need a genuine second player).