Bug old town map

I need a solution to the bug that the old toen map presents me, and to what the community votes for that map and when I get completely out of the game my low range in a minimum of 10% up to a maximum of 30%
And if I leave when the vote goes out, he suspends me for 30 minutes.
I hope you can help me
Gamertag: KMA llEDUARDOll

If you are receiving a suspension you must have been playing a ranked match in which case, this isn’t a bug its a punishment.

Quitting at any point during a ranked match will lead to a temporary ban. I believe these start at 15 minutes so your 30 minute ban likely means you quit quite a few matches.

If I have missed the point of your post entirely I apologise, it looks like you’ve used Google translate and it’s not easy to read.

The time I’ve been playing GOW, I didn’t quit any game.
In case of this bug its only in Old Town map, in other maps I can play perfectly, nevertheless when I see that Old Town is winning the vote I prefer to restart the game in order to keep my stats, in this way the game doesn’t suspend me.
I don’t know what to do, is not possible to uninstall the map.

If you restart the game while in a ranked lobby this still counts as a quit. You still get suspended for it.

Also, you can’t uninstall maps and the vote doesn’t always go the way we want. This is just part of the game.

are you actually experiencing a bug on the old town map that prevents you playing on it, or affects your game play on it?

Or do you just find it hard to play your best on?

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Quitting during the vote in ranked play is quitting the game. If you can’t handle the rules of ranked play, stop playing ranked.

Well the question to ask is… what happens on Old Town that you can’t play it for some reason, and thus you have to quit in the lobby?

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Old Town is one of my favorite maps and its very frustrating that I can’t play in this map.