Bug in the game

I assumed after being away so long this game would have been sorted out but to my horror it’s got a horrible bug where you Eliminate the other team in and then you’re waiting for the clock to countdown or the player who’s not spawned in to leave.

This is kinda ridiculous for supposedly A+ title. Is Joe Graf still doing the net code? If so it explains all the issues with this game online. He’s never got it right since Gears 2 released with the shotgun shooting the floor despite where you aimed it.

Utter tosh this is. Sort it out.

Yeah I made a thread about it last night
hopefully it gets fixed soon

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Hey there, its a bug we know about, chasing it up!

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Anychance to update the Trello Board with it? Kinda defeats the purpose of having one if known bugs are not posted there.

Fair point, done!


So still no comment on the gamechat being broken since OP6s launch?

Apologies I haven’t gotten around to it :frowning: can you push a ticket in about it?

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Already did. Not sure if there’s a point to it if I’m only indirectly affected by it.

Any follow-up on the CS Grenadier?

I also made a post about this 10.00 minute rounds .

I got no respose. :man_shrugging:

Also, speaking of bugs that are still in the game that TC doesn’t wanna acknowledge: peope can still join the enemy team with a skin of your team.
Had one of these a-holes in a Control-lobby just now and there is no way he didn’t do it on purpose.

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All these bugs make the game even less enjoyable, joined a tdm on gridlock as a 3 stack (cause i want to play with friends) it was 3 v1 and the other team were spawn killing the solo player.

We spawned in and won the 1st round, a 4th joins the other team but realised they’re gonna lose and quits when theres no respawns left, someone else joins but cant spawn in, the 3 original ppl also quit and get replaced.
We end up with the other team having 4 ppl sitting in limbo because of TCs lack of testing and we wait out the remaining time.

This happens almost every match.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hey, at least they finally acknowledged it. If I were to post a clip of what I described the thread would get nuked in no time. Seen it quite few times already. Thread appears and 5 minutes later - whoops, unlisted.

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If its not seen it never happened.

Here goes nothing:

Yeah I know; long foreplay and it only shows him killing me once but he kept fighting on the COG side and ended up as the MVP on their team.

Actually, you can see him killing one of my teammates on the staircase.

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That happened to me in i think it was op3, could of been 4. I joined a social match and everyone was loading in to the lobby screen and as the game starts im the only person to spawn in on my team and i get killed by another swarm character while picking up dropshot.

This happened in gears 2 also, it happened to me one time. I joined a match and was on the cog team but was playing as skorge. Think it only happened on avalanche.

Also i see its was 5v4, what is it supposed to be. 5v5 or 4v4? I tried searching as a 5 stack but party was to big, we joined as a 4 as one friend went to do something else and we got put in with a 2n 3 stack together. Then later on we were a 3 stack and joined a 1v4 match then one of my friends joined mid match and it was 5v4. @TC_Kilo1062