Bug: Hijack'd Pouncers can't actually.. Pounce

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Bug: Hijack’d Pouncers can’t actually… Pounce.

I’m not sure if it’s a bug, or what. But whenever I try to pounce as a hijack’d pouncer, it’d ALWAYS flop uselessly to the ground, is this a bug, or a feature? Because I hope it gets fixed, soon.

It works in Campaign but I haven’t had it work in Horde in a long time. It would be cool if it works again.

There are so many little bugs and strange things with Jack I’m finding. Hunters do no damage with the torque bows at all. The embar shooting is so strangely different to use.

The worst though is the exploding hijack. Mostly doesn’t work or even show the “Y” button to end it early.

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Pouncer are bug overall shot that disappear or block by jack , melee do no damage , jump can bloc or miss 75% of the time can’t do execution type kill with it at launch it was possible