Bug, blocked - crashed on Xbox X on checking site in Act 2 C 3

Hi there,

I was investigating a Condor Crashed Site it was futherest one from Comms tower in Act 2

I progressed there after completing all optional task as that was last one.

Upon killing enemies, there no indication of progressing to safe. I noticed on obvious wall that should be able to come down but couldn’t.

Noticed later that game was stuck in Saving in progress checking content loop and when getting video via dashboard “record that” it crashed and went to dashboard.

Was not fun :frowning:

P.s not sure right thread for bugs didn’t or couldn’t find a location please relocate if needed! :grin:

Managed to complete it. The kestral flying helicopter never loaded for me.


I also had the same problem.

I had an issue at the same side quest. Jack wouldnt open the safe after defeating the Condor.

I have the same problem.

Same here and we couldn’t get on the skidd to proceed.

Same here. It’s March 2020. No Fix. No patch. Horrible.