Bug alert cog players on swarm team

@TC_Sera just a heads up I know things are a bit hectic right now but there was a Fahz on the swarm team in torque bow tag.

It was the workout Fahz

Stuff like that happens when the servers are overdosing on crack.


That’s what I figured, has this happened to anyone else yet haha?

Hasn’t happened to me but in the past when the severs were like this, it happened.
As in I saw forum posts on it.

Ah makes sense

I thought I saw some ■■■■ but this game surprises me over and over again

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Dude killed me a couple times Ngl and I was uhhh same team? Lol

Yeah the swarm team is getting cog characters but they are darker coloured so it’s easy enough to tell friend from foe.

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I mentioned this issue on my post about an hour ago, tagging in TC.

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That’s nothing, a couple weeks before this update, I was playing Arcade, and the servers must of had a stroke or something, because when the match loaded in, it took two players from the CoG team, and two players from the Swarm team, and put them on a third team together.

The lights on their armor became white, so it was at least somewhat easier to tell friend from foe, but to this day I still have no idea why that happened.


I remember this, but I experienced it in Co-op Vs. AI.

I guess Fazzy falls in love with the Swarm queen in Gears 6…

Rip to the Kait Fazzy theory…
“Kaity’s mom has got it going on… I’m in love with Kaity’s mom”


This was actually fun for change , i dont even remember when i last time laught so hard :slight_smile:

Yeah yesterday killed a kait on swarm side. I only knew they were swarm because they weren’t a teammate showing up on tac com. Otherwise I’d have thought they were on my team, naturally.

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Yea haven’t experienced this, but seems worse than the “teammate” glitch early in FFA lol. That one I experienced like 3 times, funny the 1st 2 times… 3rd time I could tell right away just kept leaving him, but he never grasped it, wasted at least 3 rounds on me everytime we was close lol