Bug? Act 1 Mission 3 - Stuck under helicopter

I’m wondering if anyone has had this happen. I’m playing on Xbox, 2-player couch co-op and JD gets pinned under the helicopter on crash-landing. I shoot all the enemies that come at him, and then that’s it. He’s stuck down there waiting to be rescued. I saw a YouTube video showing it’s supposed to trigger a cutscene that cuts him loose but that doesn’t happen in my case.

I tried re-loading that save point a few times, no luck. Anyone else?

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If co-op, the second player has to get to you and kill the Juvie that attacks you before it kills JD.

The second player doesn’t have a way to get down there from what I can tell. Also, as JD I’m able to kill all the enemies and no more come. He’s just still stuck under the wreck.

They do have a way. Just gotta find it. I played Co Op with my friend.

Oh really? I tried myself and didn’t see a way to get down there. I looked around the whole office space but I guess I’m missing something. Any idea what?

Having exact same problem as you OP. Did you have any luck fixing it? Cut scene doesn’t kick in and no way for second player to get down to helicopter. The campaign has just started and my Husband & I buy the games solely for the couch co-op. We will need to return it if we can’t get past this glitch and move on with campaign :worried:

Yeah, finally figured it out. Unfortunately, it’s a bit hard to describe but knowing there is a way down there from the top helps. You have to find a place that looks like an opening where there will be some UI that pops up to press X to go through. It’s really non-obvious but once you see it you’ll be able to continue so don’t give up!

This is looking back after having found and pressed the X