Bug Achievement not unlock : "Full of resources"


Impossible to unlock this achievement.

After 3 tries, it is impossible to unlock it. I made the requested objective: “Kill an enemy with each weapon to collect in one game”.

I picked up all the weapons on the verge of respawn and do 1 kill with it, but nothing.

It’s worked for all of my friends and me as well. You must be missing one weapon. Grenades count as well. Are you sure you got them all?

Does it work in custom games?

They should do. All of the new Op 3 achievements for Versus (Free For All, Blitz, Gridiron) were doable in private and LAN lobbies when it first dropped. Assuming they haven’t fixed it then it should still do.


I better capitalize on this

I got the touchdown achievement in a custom game already so this is excellent news

Of course i’m sure !!

on the map “Core” : Torque Bow, grenades (stuns and Frags), Breaker mass, sniper, boomer, executor, boltok + standards guns

on the map “Pit” : Torque Bow, grenades (stuns and Frags), sniper, boltok, overkill, retro lanzor + standards guns

Do you win this match? I did all 3 ffa related achievement in one match, custom lobby of course, so it’s hard to catch if something went wrong.

On “Core” there are 2 boltoks. You should try to kill from both of them.

Also try to kill only with pickups first, then kill with your standard weapons, maybe game looses counting when you kill with standard weapons while killing with pickups.

Work correctly in custom (private) game. Not necessary win the game for this one. Not necessary to use Boltok twice.

The problem is somewhere else.

I have just unlocked 2 successes in private session. The one who was blocked and the one the opponent has 10 points ahead.

For your information, I had success.

It is unlocked in private session but not in public session

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