Buff the Lancer (and all AR's) in PvE

It literally gets free damage with all rifles


It has all of one card that specifically buffs rifles, and its Ultimate has nothing to do with rifles.

Demolitions is more effective at dealing damage with the ballistics of the GL than Combat Medic is with any rifle. You’re better off using a Trishot or Longshot with the Combat Medic.

Veteran is the only class in which using a rifle is optimal.

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The class description literally says it’s a rifle class. If you’re going to look at a class that gets 140% damage with Lancers plus however much the headshot and active bonuses add up to and say “That’s not a rifle class,” then I’m sorry, there’s nothing we can do for you.


The Combat Medic’s best weapon isn’t a rifle, therefore I don’t consider it a rifle class. That’s the only criteria I care about. I’m sure TC intends it to be a rifle class, but it effectively does not play like one at a high level.

Bro, that’s why we here. Look at the name of the thread.


I don’t disagree with the topic.


Well good… :laughing:

@xXARslayerXx is already buff

But what we’re getting at is - Combat Medic is a rifle class who’s best weapon might not be a rifle because Rifles suck and need a buff. Your viewing him as not a rifle class because rifles suck.

Combat Medic to me is supposed to be a rifle class. But since rifles suck at higher difficulties, you gotta find other ways to use him.

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I still use it that way at higher difficulties, Helpful Headshots is some extra justification to use rifles. Even if I have to burst the eff out of it, 3 consecutive headshots from a Lancer is preferable to the 1 that a Longshot will give me.

Can confirm:) I’m as buff as you is handsome. Still no kyle:( guy looks like hes about to kick someone off a ledge while yelling something unintelligible about Sparta

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You’re comparing a power weapon with starting weapon. Obviously the power weapon would do more damage.

Right, but this is not the case for Veteran. Veteran’s best weapon overall is the Retro Lancer. Thus my assertion that Veteran is the only real rifle class.

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It’s only not the case for Veteran because Veteran’s ultimate ignores everything about rifles that make them suck. Outside of the ultimate, Veteran is just as bad with rifles as Combat Medic is.

They’re both starting weapons in PvE, silly willy.

I agree that the Ultimate is mainly what differentiates them, but it’s not the only thing. Headshot damage, low health damage, and flank damage all stack well with rifles. Sure, they’re not rifle exclusive, but it allows the Veteran to dish out some real damage with rifles, damage that the Combat Medic cannot even come close to approaching.

In regards to flank damage, i dont get how thats a worthwhile card, most enemies are coming towards you, so you hit them from the front, i would say the main enemies you hit from the rear would be matriarch and sentinel with the latter flying all over the place

Am i missing something?

The GL works well for me as a medic, its pretty stable so i can keep my team stimmed and i use the rocket when a team member is about to get killed which revives them

I do use the trishot too

I do feel the rifles are fairly weak though when i use them with other classes that dont have lancer buffs


I believe that since the card specifies that you deal more damage from behind or the side, if the enemies aren’t shooting at (or I guess, looking at ) you will deal more damage to them.
Decoys can be especially helpful for a Veteran running this card; or if you have someone brave enough to play Architect, their ult has perfect synergy with such a Veteran.

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It’s actually a pretty nice card.

Let’s you do more meaningful damage to bosses when they are distracted.

Also, when enemies are staggered, sometimes they move in a way that triggers the card, letting you finish them off quicker.