Buff the boomshot please

And by buff, i mean bring it back to its original, intended power.

I fired a boom at sniper spawn on gridlock, with someone sitting there. Guess what, they didnt die. In EVERY GEARS GAME, thats an easy kill, no need to active reload.

Yet someone can fire a boom at a ceiling 20 feet above a player and somehow get a splash damage kill. (Helios has a video on it)

i just want some consistency man.

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Maybe try shooting it at the person instead of the wall. Just cause it worked in another game doesn’t mean is supposed to in this one.


This is the worst “advice” i have ever heard.

Its not intended to be fires directly at a person because its a large, slow moving projectile, with splash damage. Its intended to be fired on the ground at an enemy players feet, or a wall right next to them.

If you fire it directly at a person, its literally always going to whiff.


Speaking as an Explosive specialist from GoW4 Versus, all of the explosives in G5 got kicked in the teeth: boom, drop, frags. Incends are all right and shocks got a buff, it feels, but the true “explosive” weapons all got kicked down.

One of the reasons i dislike versus in this game.


Yes at the wall but towards a person

That’s all we want.

Gears 1… you knew what was consistent…

Do actually agree with buffing the boomshot or at least the splash damage

Real sponge machine when it should be fatal


Yeah, host power

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The boomshot in Gears 5 is consistent tho as I have just as many how the hell is that person not dead moments as how the hell did that not kill me and instead just slight stunned me moments.


yeah the boom definitely needs a buff. I’ve never gotten so many hit markers with a ROCKET LAUNCHER in any game. This thing should be the most OP weapon in the game. I honestly think the torque bow/embar/dropshot are all better than boom in its current state