Buff Legend ranks

If I’ve counted correctly, Tour of Duty 5 offers a total of 46,250 Gears coins and takes 676 stars to complete. That’s 68.42 coins per star, on average. Tour of Duty 4 was higher, with a total of 48,250 coins for 657 stars, for an average of 73.44 coins per star. Once you get to Legend ranks, however, you’re earning 750 coins for every 12 stars, for an average of 62.5 coins per star, so once you finish your Tour of Duty, the rate at which you earn currency goes down. The coin rewards for each Legend rank should be buffed so that you can continue earning coins at the same rate as before; 900 coins per rank would give us 75 coins per star, closer to the Tour of Duty 4 rewards, plus a little bonus since you have to complete the entire Tour before you can start earning Legend ranks. And it would be nice if, in the future, further Tours of Duty gave consistent reward totals.

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When Past Hives were a thing they decided to drop around 10k(?) for the first 3(?) Hives and then nerfed the rewards to Oblivion. TC is just very stingy with the coins.

When they messed up at the beginning of OP5 and rewarded extra 35k Coins they took em away again because it created an “imbalance” or something.


Coins are useless anyways unless they start bringing out more content weekly. I’ve got too many.

Not a big pve player so never really used them for the cards.

Coins aren’t useless just because you personally ignore the biggest use for them.

I wish we could earn coins again simply from leveling up and it would increase for every re-up you reach. TC used this economy system for Gears 4 with credits. Starting at Wings 5 and beyond, you would earn over 2,000 credits per level. Imagine how much coins we can save for epic and legendary cards. Especially since we can’t scrap duplicates. :man_facepalming:

The problem with that system was that the amount of XP needed to gain a level increased consistently within the re-up. On top of that, every time you re-upped, the amount of xp needed to re-up again also increased, but the currency rewards did not. This meant the currency-to-xp ratio was all over the place; it trended downwards the longer you played (that’s the point of the suggestion, to make it so players who play a lot don’t get hit with diminishing rewards for their play time), with occasional spikes every time you re-upped. It wasn’t until you reached Wings that the amount of currency earned finally started increasing along with the xp costs to level, but it still had the problem where levels within the wings required different amounts of xp to clear, but gave the same currency rewards.

The Gears 5 system is much better in that regard, It’s still a little spikey, with dips in the parts of the Tour of Duty where there’s a lot of non-coin rewards in a row and spikes in the parts where there’s several in a row, but it’s overall a much more even curve than 4. And of course once you clear the Tour of Duty your coins-to-stars rate is a nice flat line.

The weird thing about 5’s xp is they fixed the problem where levels within a single re-up had different costs, and made every level-up the same price, but then they made re-upping give virtually no reward. Hopefully the upcoming re-up changes address that.

I consider the Legend ranks as a bonus really. I wouldn’t expect them to match whatever the average star-to-coin ratios as during the actual TOD.

I’m more interested in TC enabling us to cash in excess skill cards from PVE.


There is a motivational poster at work which reads -> “There is never a wrong time to do the right thing”
It almost got me in trouble when I asked that Colonel: “What about too late?”

With so many of my skills maxed out then I would get absolutely nothing for completing PVE matches usually except for a star or two towards legend ranks which can eventually contribute to another skill maxed out.

IE: Legend ranks = visible reward and tangible progress.

I’ve already maxed out most skills that I care about so by the time that they implement cash out then maybe I’ll be able to max out the very last one and then buy everything in the store even though I don’t want much of what’s in the store.

My point here is that Legend ranks aren’t just a bonus to me - they are my only reward. I can’t imagine how anyone ever thought it was a good idea to make completing matches stop rewarding for those that did them best/most.

I mean this is TC you are asking. They are not exactly known for consistency.

Besides we get extra coins just about everyday from the dailies in both horde and escape so that evens it out.

I see what you mean. That said the Legend ranks are arguably a slow way to earn Gear Coins. Obviously we can’t compare it to cashing in excess cards as we don’t have a basis to compare like the value of each card etc.

I’d still like it though. It’d mean I can focus on playing the game rather than the constant disappointment of getting yet another card I don’t need. I expect other players would benefit more from the extra GC.

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Yeah, I’ve been dealing with the disappointment by just accepting it’s a reality I can’t change (like taxes, internet trolls, illness and old age)
Knowing that it’s an inevitable thing that doesn’t really hold me back allows me to enjoy the good that I can.

The Op 6 Tour of Duty is worth 46,250 coins (same as Op 5), but takes only 623 stars to complete, making it the most lucrative ToD by a slim margin: an average of 74.24 coins per star.

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