Buff gnasher with eight bullets

Make the gnasher back the way it was, it needs a buff in my opinion. My suggestion is when you do a perfect/active reload restores all the 8 bullets and a normal reload restores 5 or 6 rounds to be more balanced.
Ever since the gnasher was always 8 bullets on all these titles:
8 Shells (GOW, GOW2, GOW3, GOWJ, GOW4)
6 Shells (Gears 5)

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Yes please.


8 rounds was perfect.

No idea why TC thought to have less.


With the faster movement, I find myself having to reload often in the middle of a shotty battle. The six rounds makes it very unlikely to survive if you take in multiple enemies. I really don’t get why it was limited.

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With how inconsistent the Gnasher is,

Points blanks aren’t always point blanks so that doesn’t exactly help…

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You almost need to melee cause your out of bullets lol

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The strongest/ most used weapon in the game does not need a buff


It would only really effect shotgun on shotgun battles so its not like it’s gonna alter gameplay a whole lot.

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