Buff Fahz and Marcus

These characters are useless on higher difficulty levels. They end up just sitting on a trishot because their skill cards suck.

I hereby propose the following:

Custom Lancer (Marcus) - To 10/20/30/40/50% Damage AND Active scaling.

NEW - Shredder Rounds (Marcus) - Assault Rifle active rounds cause bleeding for 30/50/70/90/100% of damage and now kill enemies outright instead of dropping them DBNO.

Custom EMBAR/Custom Longshot (Fahz) - To 10/20/30/40/50% Damage AND Active scaling.

NEW - Magic Bullet (Fahz) - Precision Rifle headshots pierce through enemies and give a stacking +10/15/20/25/30% Critical damage. Stacks 3 times.


I agree they could use some buffs considering the insane dmg Kait and JD put out. However I don’t think we need more bleed damage. If 4 people can stack bleed dmg the game will be a fire and forget mode. I’ve played a few MMORPGs and when you got 1 big ■■■ boss with 20+ dots on him it gets out of control. They limit how many can be on the boss at any given time. I can picture TC doing that here.

Example, JD fires a grenade at the boss then Kait fires her shotgun. Kaits shotgun was the last thing to damage the boss so JDs bleed is erased while Kaits bleed takes effect.


Damage classes right now are the Haves (JD and Kait) and Have Nots (Everyone Else). Only JD and Kait are actually worth taking on Insane or higher with the extra health modifier. If bleed is what it takes to actually be viable on higher difficulty levels, then there need to be more classes with it. Not just forever limited to JD/Kait being the chosen ones. This is a PVE Game Mode, its about leveling up and getting more powerful. You do not get that feeling in any way with Fahz/Marcus outside of popping their ultimate.

OH my God that sounds great. Marcus definitely needs some mojo in regards to horde because mine’s a 15 and nobody wants Marcus for higher levels. It’s all JD, Kait, Del, Jack, and then maybe Kat but only because of her extra healing for turrets and such. Marcus and Fahz are underutilized and do need a buff. That Shredder Rounds sounds perfect, especially since he’s an older character and needs a good perk!

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I agree with Joshy that Marcus doesn’t need bleed. It’s a thought but it’d be ridiculous if everyone ended up having bleed skills - and if higher difficulties 100% require bleed it shows there’s something wrong with game balancing.

Shock rounds similar to shock grenades - adds damage and a chance to stun on active reload, maybe. Or added stopping power to their weapons.

How about a card for Marcus where he gets a damage buff after a chainsaw kill?

What I think would be really helpful for Fahz is if someone had cryo rounds. Icy precision sounds good on paper but utterly fails when you consider no one is going to walk out of cover with a cryo cannon to freeze something.

There needs to be bleed for Marcus so he can compete. The shredder rounds is great. Needs to be more than JD and Kait being dependable for bleed.

Marcus would be very easy to buff. Just up his damage on his ultimate and some of his critical shots…it would fit his role they’re trying to fulfill. When you increase his time for cool down and have the card that adds time per damage he’ll be very powerful. He’s just gotta do more damage rlly.

The horde Lancer needs a buff. At higher difficulty/later waves its like a bubble gun. Buff the Lancers base PvE damage, This would benefit Marcus and Sarah Conner. The recent terminator horde event underlines just how much disparity between the AI lancer wielders and the player Lancer is.Player Horde Lancer needs a buff.

Agreed Fahz also needs a buff. Both Embar and Longshot cards are currently something like 10/15/17… Shoulds be more as OP suggested 10/20/30…

Since they have lower rates of fire compared to the lancers it would be reasonable.

Sniper ultimate doesn’t even sound good on paper. A card that will mpliment cryo rounds on active reloads or something and it’s a different story.

Good idea.

There’s already a bleed effect for Mac’s boltok, Kait’s shotgun and JD/Keegan’s explosives. Adding something like a cryo effect or shocking effect would be a welcome addition and avoid bleed being the end-all gimmick to achieve victory.

I can’t get behind bleed being the fix for Marcus. It’s easy and it would work but after a certain point this game becomes Bleed of War. It shouldn’t be an omnipotent, required ability. If everyone has bleed it’s boring.

Have to give him an edge, or add new on-hit effects like bleed (Cryo, Shock/Stun, Impact/stumble)

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