BSOD on RX 470, audio stutters and game hard freezes

Hi everyone,

Game pass ultimate user.

So, the game runs perfectly for 20-30 minutes, then audio starts to stutter badly and I get a BSOD. Tried reinstalling the drivers, it didn’t work.

RX 470 4GB

i5 6400


Any idea on how yo fix it? Seems like an old bug of Gears 4, but I played Gears 4 with no problems.
It’s the only game doing this, I can play other stuff like Witcher 3 or Control for hours with no problems

Check if BSOD is related to EasyAntiCheat.sys

If it is, disable any software thatr has overlays

Have you checked out our Support site for help? If you continue to have an issue, please submit a ticket there.

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