BS Video Thread

I’m starting this thread so TC can see what plagues this game. No intent on bashing them just some videos of the stuff people complain about in hopes that Gears 5 solves these problems

So to start just look at where the guy shoots me when I die


Morning mate. It is total BS as you say. I know it has never been that great, but the last couple of weeks it seems even worse!

Maybe they have left the YTS drone in charge of I.T.

It is times like these (The Foo’s ???) when I really wish I could walk away…but I know I cant.

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Not videos but images showing the exact moment I was downed by an enemies “shot”.


You’re too kind Red


Yes, that is the Foo Fighters. :grinning:

Lag issues mate.

Play at 0.25 youtube speed. Check at 00:02 seconds. Lancer start firing when you finishing your gnasher shot .

Then you pressed A to take cover. Next frame - you are down.

In better frame handling, you would be down before taking cover. As its gears, their handing of frame is anyone’s guess

Its like each time i see someone aiming at me with the longshot i go behind a wall and break their line of sight then they kill me with a headshot after i already went behind cover

This is a BS thread…

(get it? Huh? Get it?):joy:

Black Steel?

Yep I got it

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Second image looks like you got reaction shotted tbh

It wasn’t. I was way too far away even if it was a reaction shot though. The distance factor is a major issue if nothing else.

Ya you got nailed by a reaction shot, pretty clear from the pic. If you were slightly damaged and he hit you with an active i’m not surprised you got downed. Here is a pic of a 90% shot in one hit… Range looks similar.

All I know is if things like this continue in Gears 5 it will be a Ghost Town in no time

@AliceInChainsaw this is the video I was telling you about


I always find it funny that the person with the 150-200 ping can always function fine. But us with the 30-50 see them in this micro stutter state.

I wasn’t damaged at all. It was a one hit down so reaction shot or not, based on distance, no way that downs me.

But eh, whatever. It’s Gears. The lag is beyond ridiculous and nothing surprises me.

i agree, its gears, i wouldn’t really expect anything less. The hit registration in this game is pretty bad. Still love the game, but it definitely is a frustrating one. And in theory, a one shot down shouldn’t be possible with the gnasher.

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I think this happens because you dont fully heal right away when you take damage but dont die. It can take upwards of a full 30 seconds sometime for me to heal up to full health if I take more than 50% damage.

The red gear on your screen going away does not mean you have healed. That is why when you do the classic 82% damage and after you spawn you get an assist for +50, +47, +30, I have even gotten as low as 11 points for an assist after doing and 80+ damage shot.

Also an active round from gnasher can down in one hit from just out of gib range in core tuning. With lag the player looks further away than the server says they are so you get one hit downed from full health.

Ive done alot of gnasher experimenting in this one because I sucked using it in Gears 2 and 3 so I have been trying different tactics with it to get better using it. I have downed people in 3 hits at about 10 feet away without an active reload.

I do lag some games but when that happens to me i cant seem to do anything and my shots dont work quite right. I cant see how those guys can play that way and actually do anything. I sponge shots like crazy but cant hit anything either so i just end up dead eventually because I stop moving trying to get shots to land where the should. I guess the trick is to not stop moving then the server has know idea what to do with the lag + fast movement and never knows where the laggy player is.

This has worked the other way around on me too because if my connection is slow but stable a stable faster one will see me before I see him and if they are already looking at me I cant see that until after I get shot if I just run up and try to gib them. They look further away than they really are and then splatter I go in gears character body parts with blood everywhere.

Its 2019, we shouldn’t be experiencing this at this point. If you have a sh*t connection then you should be the one to suffer not everyone else

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It is not the lagging players fault that internet service providers dont want to lay wire because it costs too much and wireless connections are cheaper to set up and maintain. Some people can only get wireless internet because that is their only option. That is my only option right now because DSL lines are even worse for lag in my area because century link wont update to fiber here and the cable company wont run a line for me either.

Even hard wired connections can lag in online gaming because everyone shares the internet with everyone else man. That is how networking works. For example if you are playing a game online and a lot of people that subscribe to your internet service close to you are streaming Netflix then you have the potential to lag. This is because it takes a lot of bandwidth to stream video but very little bandwidth to send your information back and forth to the server so internet companys prioritize streaming video over everything else. Opening ports on your router can help but not as much as you would think plus this leaves you open to getting hacked by bypassing your routers firewall.

If the streaming business had not become as popular as it is we would not encounter this as much.

I understand what your trying to say and it sucks that these companies are monopolizing the areas that the are in. But again if you have a sh*t connection then either these types of people should be limited to social or they are the ones that should suffer. These types of connections shouldn’t be allowed in a ranked setting. Why is it someone with a fluctuating connection gets the upper hand?

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