Brumak bug. Can't finish the fight

have beaten the Brumak twice, but each time I empty his health the game is frozen. Nothing can be clicked?
Has anyone else had this?

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Hey Stannis -

Did this resolve for you or are you still stuck? If you are, could you grab a video of this happening by any chance? We’d love to help try and get you past this asap.


I’m having the same issue here, after destroying his gas tank the game won’t let me end turn and its just stuck like that.

I had a similar issue with the brumak fight (second playthrough) where I was stuck on the unit i had selected and couldn’t switch to other units despite them all having actions left.

I emptied the selected unit of actions and the game looked to have frozen. Hit save and exited to main menu, loaded back in and it worked.

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I restarted the mission from scratch again today and is now resolved thanks!
Not sure what was causing it but its okay now!~
Thanks for the reply!

Im having this issue as well. I am playing it on PC with the Game Pass if that helps, fight will not let me continue after blowing up the last tank. It wont let me pick any actions after last unit that hit it depletes its health.

Yeah this is the issue I had.
I reset my graphics settings to default and restarted the entire level unfortunately but it worked.

We’re looking into the Brumak fight not continuing issue at the moment. As the team ask us for details, we’ll be back with questions to help get you playing again asap. Thanks for your patience.

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Any update on this? I’m having the same issue.

I’ve defeated the Brumak twice now and each time there is no ending cut scene or anything,

The first time the brumak just stood there with an empty health bar and it allowed me to keep taking turns with new enemies dropped every other turn.

The second time the game just wouldn’t let me select any characters or take any actions after I defeated the brumak but the game didn’t progress.

I have the same problem here. Tried to grenade my own teammate, turned out to lose all my progress since I am in ironman :frowning:
this is really depressing

Same here. I tried to beat the Brumak six times. I tried everything suggested here.

Oof… i’m so pissed!

Same issue here, doesn’t seem to be fixed yet.

Also the camera is buggy during the whole fight for me. as if boundaries of the playground were shifted. That’s not very pleasant! :slight_smile:


Yeah, IM still getting this.
Also camera wont let me move to certain areas. I can pick the loot crates on the map because camera wont let me move there at all

Same here, after being defeated the Brumak is stuck with an empty health bar, and no fix whatsoever: can’t move, can’t shoot, can’t end turn, can’t save, only option is to kill the game using task manager. Also, as reported earlier camera is barely working throughout the whole fight.

This is truly a gamebreaker, I tried multiple times, restart etc, I just can’t move beyond that fight. Any update on this bug? When should we expect a fix?

Same issue I’m having. I’ve tried to even reinstall and nothing has worked yet. I’ve killed that brumak so many times that we are becoming good friends. I think I’ll name him Bart. Any updates or fixes yet?

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Finally got it to work!!! Took a ton of restarts and uninstall/reinstalls to do so but finally!!!

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Poor Bart! :disappointed:

I am having the same issue. Blow up the last tank and the game won’t let you end the turn. This is basically game breaking so is there a time frame for a fix?

exactly the same… killed the boss 4 times, now i can just move around and pass turn, nothing else to do., hardest difficulty, lost enough times… happy to see a game breaking bug like that still exist after all this time… just ruin that fantastic game… time to uninstall… thanks…

I gave it another shot… because i rly rly like this game !! so i’ve restarted the game & the entire mission u_u and… i got the animation, the boss is dead, i can continue my adventure, no thanks to any patch, so… it seems like if you get the bug, don’t restart the fight, restart the entire mission, seems to “work” , have fun.