Bruh I thought this was mad funny

They all just came up to me lmaooo, i coulda played this alot better but damn they choked

Is this a troll post? I can’t click on the video.


Oh good… it’s not just me then…

oh damn hold on gimme a sec,
They all just look like ■■■■■■ grunts lmaooooo


Damn! and here I was thinking my aiming was off.


Get guud

So where’s the funny part?


If you go to 0:08 you’ll be able to see what he meant.


Can’t even see it

Damn, that was some of the worst aiming I’ve seen by the swarm team. Couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn.


They have rebel soldiers aim :rofl:

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@Creanius 0:10 is more like it

Please edit your topic to add this video link.

Its a photo, not a video, and I can’t watch it.

Also @Higatoring how do you move so smooth?

I’m using LB to slide too… and sometimes when I press LB, my character doesn’t slide.

I’m wallbouncing fluidly, and sometimes the game just doesn’t accept my input, and my character just stands there awkwardly in the middle.

The problem’s not my controller, its a brand new controller, just 2 months old, and it works fine with other games too.

Got any tips?

ion know I just learned wit practice and tips, compose yourself helps alot. Like take your time and once you master it you get a lot better. I dont know, I just got better wit time… if you look back at my old gears 5 clips like 2 months ago you can really see my progression

Look at this I thought i was the sheet with this play, just look at how bad my bounce was.

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