“Brothers in Blood” Book 2, Author’s Breakdown (Spoilers & a Very Long Post)

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Chapter 7 - Call to Action

Beginning where Oliver had been left, in his isolated cell on Serek, six weeks after the Pendulum Wars ended, when he had been arrested. The base was under attack. Freed from his cell by a Butcher, Oliver killed his first Locust by grabbing an empty Retro Lancer, using the bayonet like a spear to stab the Butcher in the head. After that he had found an injured Onyx Guard, who told him the lock code to the barracks. Wanting to know more about this mysterious invasion, with no knowledge of the Locust–he sought out other Gears.

Coming across a group of other Onyx Guards, attempting to evacuate the facility he offered to help them, being allowed to and breaking protocol due to the bombastic nature of the attack. Oliver learns about the invasion of Halvo Bay, and that’s where Loomis is stationed. Heading to the cafeteria of the base with the Guards, they must move one-by-one as a door malfunctions and eventually closes on them, cutting one of the three Guards in half and trapping Oliver outside, he’s ordered to find a keycard into the kitchen and regroup afterwards.

Heading to the security center, Oliver kills his first Wretch and then convinces the two remaining Guards there to shutoff the lockdown on certain parts of the base. Confirming, the Guards then went with Oliver back to the Cafeteria, now able to open the door with the lockdown lifted. Inside they found what was left of the squad they were supposed to be uniting with. Paul Beetman, one of Oliver’s original squadmates. After a quick scuffle between the two, the leading Onyx Captain orders them forward to a landing pad. On their way they encounter a second Butcher, holding the severed head of an Onyx Guard.

Outside at a landing pad, Oliver, Paul, and the Onyx Guards are pinned down by a Sniper and Reaver before their Raven escort arrives. During the fight with the Reaver, Oliver again went for the head with his bayonet, the blade breaking off as he wrestled with the large Locust and he later blew the Reaver’s head off with a Gnasher. They then held out for a short while longer as their Raven arrived, Nearly missing the Raven as a Locust Drone tried to grab him, Oliver was saved at the last second by Paul, who lifted him up into the helicopter, which now headed for Halvo Bay.

“You’re Theta,”
“We were Theta. I got a promotion since then,”
“You could’ve helped,”
“I could’ve been arrested.” -Oliver and Paul arguing as they are reunited on Serek.

Chapter 8 - Protect the Unprotected

On Langley isle, Antonio had taken a sniper position. He was confronted by Major Miran of the UIR, who informed him of strange attacks across all of Gorasnaya and that their hiding would come to an end sooner than expected. Leaving to go and prepare, Paduk came to Miran and they talked about keeping Antonio from the frontlines, instead planning to leave him on Langley and act as a leader among the civilians who had turned the old military base into a home.

After Paduk’s parting words with Antonio, he briefly mentions Vasgar as his destination (I know at this point the timeline is not perfect, but know I wrote the bulk of this before Gears 5 launched–this is the furthest my book strays from the Cannon and it bugs me too). He deems Antonio worthy of leadership and the young Lieutenant still seems dead set on returning home to fight for the UIR, but accepts his current reality as temporary.

While serving as a leader of Langley, Antonio was there for an attack. In an underground bunker he was alerted to fighting by explosions and gunfire. Heading upstairs with a Markza he encountered two grenadiers and a drone. Headshotting the grenadiers and curb-stomping his first Locust Drone. On the ground-level he came to find what I describe as a Theron Champion. A massive Vold Theron with black knight-like armor and a massive sword. Chasing him downstairs, Antonio struggled to get into their emergency shelter and escape the Locust Champion. Breaking down it’s armor with a grenade Antonio made his way inside the vault, but before it could close the Locust grabbed ahold of the door, pulling it off of the hinges, something no Human could ever do. Antonio was grabbed around the throat, nearly choked out as he stabbed the Locust in it’s vulnerable under armour between the bullet-resistant plates. Falling to the ground, he used a Snub to shoot the Locust right in the eye, another UIR soldier blasting the Vold Theron with a rocket launcher.

The blast managed to incapacitate, but not kill the Theron, now missing an arm and helmet, Antonio inspected it to find a Locust Sigil nearly welded into it’s forehead. As other UIR survivors made it into the vault, pursued by more Locust, they made way for an escape tunnel, Langley island quickly and brutally wiped out with most of their civilians totally massacred by the Locust.

One of the UIR leaders, Harvey, attempted to stay behind and try to continue evacuating survivors, but was detested by Antonio and convinced otherwise as they made their escape on a pair of backup motor boats left for a quick escape from the island.

“Seeerve the Queeeen” -Vold Theron to Antonio before dying.
(This will be @GB6_Kazuya’s favorite part of my writing by default, sadly I never mention the Queen)

Chapter 9 - Halvo Falls

Stuck in holding after he arrived in Halvo under Loomis, Oliver watched the actions of Kilo squad from his cell, still resenting the COG’s use of Lightmass bombs after his arrest in Morte. But now he’d been deployed with Paul and other Onyx guards in a last-ditch effort to reclaim COG weapons at Onyx Point once the battle for Halvo began steering towards defeat. While there, they were interrupted, and ordered to the Regency Hotel by Loomis, who was holding out there and called all remaining Onyx Guards to his position.

Taking a boat to the mainland, the two crashed into the beach on Halvo Bay, heading towards the hotel as ordered. While on their way, a Brumak had found them. Using nearby buildings to avoid the massive Locust, Oliver and Paul had devised a plan to use an Armadillo against it. Ramming into the Brumak’s legs from behind, they had managed to burst the Locust’s explosive tank as it fell, which exploded and took the massive Brumak with it. Now they were able to reach the Regency Hotel, where Loomis and a few Onyx Guards faced off against Locust as they awaited Raven support.

This being the reveal of a second Vold Theron, this time wielding a massive shield and sword, making it resistant to the gunfire of a Vulcan gun. While focused on the machinegun however, one of the Onyx Guards managed to get a grenade close to the Locust, breaking it’s shield and helmet with the explosion. Trying to focus on Oliver from behind as they arrived, the Champion was distracted by Loomis now who landed a clean Boltok shot on the back of it’s head. After killing the remaining Onyx Guards, the Vold Theron broke Loomis’ arm, lifting him up. Trying to prevent Loomis from dying, Oliver stabbed it in the side with his bayonet, causing the Locust to push him away, digging it’s armored thumb into Loomis’ throat, brutally killing him.

While distracted with Loomis, the Theron failed to shoot down the escaping Raven with Paul and Oliver aboard, as they fled the failure at Halvo Bay.

“War is cruelty, and this one’s not over.” -Colonel Ezra Pound Loomis

Chapter 10 - Ten Years, No Hope

Outside of the destroyed ruins of Char, ten years on after E-Day, Antonio had now formed a small group, Valeri who was now pregnant and weak, along with two more UIR soldiers, Mikeal and Jozef. The four had stolen a COG Centaur, turning it into a mobile home of sorts, but low on fuel. Planning on going to Char to make a deal with the infamous Aaron Griffin, the group had spotted a Locust army also heading towards the city, led by a large Reaver that Jozef claimed was a “Hydra.” With the Locust on the way, they quickly set out, thinking about stealing as much fuel as they needed while the Stranded would be overrun with Locust attacking their fortress.

After leaving the COG, Oliver had joined up with several Stranded groups, one now was Aaron, who treated him more nicely than others in the tower as Oliver had saved the ‘boss’ from another Stranded traitor to their own group. While being reliable, Griffin orders Oliver to investigate their other tower, which had gone dark. Taking the cable car, Oliver took fire from Snipers on his way across. Upon reaching the tower it was clear that the Locust had started attacking them. Inside he had found an Elite Mauler donned in black armor.

With Griffin unhappy and the second tower’s Captain dead, Oliver took the cable car back to the main tower, so Griffin could send more men over to secure the second tower for good.

*“I ain’t gonna tell you a second time. Get cho’ ■■■ over here. Before we have some problems.” -Griffin to Oliver as he debated about leaving the Second Tower.

Chapter 11 - Enemy of My Enemy

On his trip back to the main tower, Oliver got a better view of the large Locust force running through the ruins of Char. He managed to spot another Vold Theron, this one wielding a shield and Troika turret. The Theron pointed to him specifically, their focus on him specifically was unclear but worrisome to him. Back at base, Griffin orders Oliver to stop what they think is a COG Centaur sent from Anvil Gate from stealing their fuel. While attempting to stop the intruders he was perplexed to find a large Gorasnyan man attending the tank, a second, Antonio held him at gunpoint as they offered to take the COG, a former Onyx Guard along with them. As it seemed Oliver shared their hatred for the COG.

Figuring he’d cut his losses and take off with the UIR soldiers, rather than possibly being killed by the Locust Horde that had now swarmed Griffin Towers, he agreed to hitch with them, as they quickly refueled and fled Char, heading in the direction of Anvil Gate. Attacked by the Locust Champion, they managed to throw it off their trail and drive away. As they fled Oliver pointed out a Black Reaver, ridden by the Locust General Raam. He claimed seeing it at Ilima, passing through the city years ago with a group of Stranded.

Chapter 12 - Ultimatum

While on the road, Oliver explained to the UIR soldiers why he came to despise and leave the COG. During their trek Lambent Wretches were run over by the tank as they drove, dealing damage to the engine, just enough for the Centaur to break down. Confused by the Imulsion-infused Locust they held their ground in a large stretch of muddy road, When attempts to fix the Centaur fell through, Oliver mentioned a nearby COG airbase that had previously supplied Halvo Bay but was left to ruin after the Locust’s first assault of Anvil Gate. With no other options, Antonio orders Oliver and Mikeal to search the airbase for a new vehicle as he and Jozef guarded the Centaur, since their mate Valeri was in no state to be walking.

Coming to the airfield named Justice Oliver and Mikeal talked about the COG’s tendency to attack UIR civilians and other non-military targets during the Pendulum Wars, essentially as they fought “Dirty” to try and break the UIR. Into the airfield’s terminal, they found a pair of generators downstairs and kicked it alive, coming up and opening the doors they’d had to force open at first. They had found a large truck with a Raven on the trailer that they could use to replace the Centaur. While they gathered it, Mikeal suspiciously questions Oliver for joining them so quickly, which he explains as being nomadic, but Oliver kept secret that he felt like helping them to make up for what they had done, not even knowing Antonio was in Resistenza all those years ago.

During this time, Paul and a squadron of COG Gears had caught up to Antonio, telling him to hand over Oliver, who was now wanted by the COG’s higher-ups after becoming involved with the UIR soldiers.

Taking the new truck and raven to the gates of the airfield, Oliver and Mikeal go to open the exit gate to allow them passage through. While in the terminal now, the Vold Theron had snuck up on Mikeal, stabbing him through the gut, and then chasing Oliver. Getting around him and going downstairs to the generator room, Oliver planted an Incendiary grenade for the Theron before hiding away. As expected, the Champion walked right into the mine, beginning to burn on the inside of it’s metal armor. In a flurry, the Theron slashed at the nearby generators on accident, and as it’s metal sword impacted it, it was electrocuted and burned alive at the same time, quickly dying afterwards.

Barely alive, Oliver carried Mikeal to their procured Raven and drove them to Antonio and the others as fast as possible. Being stopped on the road by Paul’s men heading away from the Centaur the two begin arguing, Paul asking Oliver to come in quietly to the COG, he agrees to hear him out, only after the COG give medical support to the wounded Mikeal.

Arriving all at the Centaur again, Paul explains that the COG had requested Oliver to return with his near-flawless record until he was arrested. With Mikeal’s condition, and Valeri’s lack of mobility, Antonio agreed with Oliver on Paul’s terms. They were now apart of Operation: Lifeboat. Oliver would be returning to the COG as long as Mikeal, Valeri, Antonio and Jozef were provided medical care and shelter in Jacinto by the COG.

“We’re Onyx, we don’t retire. We die.” -Paul, talking to Oliver about leaving the COG.

Chapter 13 - Hollow Storm

(Note that this chapter is actually incomplete, and is being worked on, so it is incomplete)

Four years later, Oliver had been serving with the COG, separated from the others. Mikeal reduced to a wheelchair and no contact with Antonio. He now led a new Theta Squad, consisting of Himself, Jozef; who’d been arrested in Jacinto and conscripted into the COG; a Medic, Kinnear, an older Gear named James Marasin and a fresh-recruit named Francis Black. They occupied an Assault Derrick on the path to Landown, a part of Operation: Hollow Storm, and hailed by the rallying speech of Richard Prescott, the same man who had first sentenced Oliver.

After reaching Landown, Oliver was the last to be deployed of his squad, watching the well-known Tai Kaliso battle a strange looking Locust. After getting it’s attention as he tried to help, Oliver scurried for the Grindlifts and was deployed with Theta into a smaller tunnel inside the Hollow. Jozef and Kinnear had landed well, but James and Francis had their lift turned over onto it’s side—inside a shallow pool of Imulsion, about thirty feet in length from end-to-end. Not much, but enough to slow down and burn you alive if trying to pass. Lighter and more flexible, Francis attempted to run to the shore of the pool first, Kinnear theorizing that the Imulsion wouldn’t be able to burn through his boots. However Francis had tripped on his way, falling onto his right knee and hand, the glove he wore burning away as the Imulsion picked at his skin. Pulled to shore by Jozef, Francis was given immediate medical attention by Kinnear.

Before James could attempt the same run, the group was ambushed by a large group of Locust. During the fight, done mostly by Oliver and Jozef, Oliver deployed his only sonar chip, which excreted a loud noise and stunned most of the Locust Drones so he and Jozef could pick them off quite easily. During the fighting however, a Grenadier had tossed a grenade into the Imulsion pool, which threw James’ pod to the side, dropping the veteraned Gears into the yellow pool where he was burned alive.

Pushing on with Francis’ wounds meddled, Theta came across one of the many Locust prison junctions. Finding only three prisoners, two Gears and a Stranded, the two Gears seemed to be losing their mind, the one who’d been there longer had gone mad, declaring them the enemy and trying to fight Jozef. The Stranded introduced himself as Davey, briefly explaining the Locust’s torture methods, how they were led here in barefoot for miles on rocky Hollow ground, in chain gangs where the weakest were executed. He also mentioned a strange Locust that Oliver thought might’ve been the one he saw above ground that fought Tai.

“Oh I feel so official, working with a bunch of COG soldiers on a priority mission,” -Davey the Stranded, after new orders from Command came to Oliver.

So that’s it. A recap of all I’ve done so far, for those that don’t wish to read the whole thing, you’re welcome. I mean, assuming anyone cares in the first place. This was longer than the first post, knowing that Book 1 is just ~46 pages, and 2 is ~70 pages. So I’ll post again in three months when Book 3 is complete! If I feel like it, this quarantine ■■■■ is driving me crazy.

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Clearly the best character by a mile, such depth and emotion that makes him infinitely interesting.



That’s the closest it’ll get to the Queen though sadly—except that one part in the Hollow;

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