Brothers In Blood, a Gears (fan) Novel

A while ago I posted something similar to this. But, I’ve been working on it and almost have the first Act completed, I figured I’d let other Gearheads in on the progress.

Like last time, the doc has a link to a for m for opinions, but you can leave them here too.

Please share it around, and I hope you enjoy it! Let me know if you enjoyed it!

Buster Out!

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If you ever need a audiobook done i’d be happy to narrarate it for you. And if you want anyone to co-write I can do that too, I absolutely adore gears! Fav game of all time! I’ll leave my casting call link at the bottom. I’ll have a seach for your stories but in the meantime i’ll be reading this waiting on Gears 5 release! :laughing:

Thanks for the offer! But I’m only at the end of the first Act so it may be another three months or so before I’m done.

And as it’s a fan-project, I don’t intend on selling it (unless Tc happen to offer) and instead will make it public, so if anyone does a voice over, it’d have to be for free, something I could even do myself.