Brothers in Arms ..good,but still no Dom!

When I had seen Dom on video related with Op4 I was excited then dissapointment followed because we can not use him in neither in escape nor for Horde so what is the difference between dom and carmines (gary, anthony,etc) ? TC uses Dom as a face of Op 4 but give nothing about him then we have to wait Op5 I guess, I hope… so 8 weeks to go…

As you know Op4 is longer (18 weeks) then prior operations maybe TC is up to something big or because of Corona virus thing I don’t know, however; we are just half way to Op 5 and 8 weeks is too long to wait for a new character.

I think a real gift for anniversary and give real meaning to Op4, because dom is the face of op4 and member of Delta squad, is providing Dom for Escape and Horde before OP 5.

Thank you.

TC will be detaching the PVE Hero roles from the characters in Operation 5 so you can choose any character including Dom, and apply any of the existing Hero roles/skills to them (e.g.: you can choose Dom as a character and apply JD’s skills to him; or choose Kait as a character and apply Fahz’s skills). No point in doing anything now. It’d be redundant soon.


Damn I didn’t konow, shame on me…thank you mate

That being said dom was supposed to be getting abilities in October at one point idk if they gave up on the idea because of next ops plans

They did

TC said that they’re moving completely away from the Hero concept in Operation 5 as I mentioned in my previous reply.

TC said in a Developer’s Stream over a month ago that each current Hero, will simply become a “class” so to speak, and they intend to release new classes in the future. Just they won’t be created with any particular character in mind. It will be done based on gameplay and filling gaps in the PVE meta.

Yes that’s been clarified 8 times but without mention of Dom actually getting abilities which WAS stated by coalition at some point.

Actually no I don’t believe it was. Had it been there’d be immediate backlash on TC like usual when they don’t follow through on something. They’ve mentioned plenty of times that he WON’T be getting any PVE abilities though.

He will be playable in PVE with the new classes and current classes that we have

It was indefinitely mentioned dom will be useable in PVE in I believe october was when they said which is BEFORE the new operation, that insinuates to me that he will have his own unique abilities until the change.

Could be wrong about the date given and it was actually a bit further back when operation 5 is dropping.

Do you have a source for this because I never heard anything stating or hinting at this

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