Brothers 2 the end dlc up date sesen 4

Colishon deves pleas pouch hot fix all game mods have an err cod and i cant you my xp bost un till error code getes fixt
If you wich two continyou reseving my monny pleas fix this asap iv all redey lost 1 xp day out of 30 dayes

Please repost in English please as per forum rules. These forums don’t support other languages unfortunately.

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The erra cod that i am geting in all game modes are ragaini

Servers are currently down, TC is investigating

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Re Bleeding Pepper
Of topik

This is a forem two report buges and inv thum naild it as such if it was a deskushon i wood have label it as off topik wich ther is non in your reply.

As well if your gong two skrternisny my dixlexek selling then you braking the rools even befor you sajest two me on what. Two do as such that is clast as bulling so stop pleas

@Dragons_Bl00D @Bleeding_Pepper Brother…nobody is trying to bully you. Bleeding Pepper is a good guy. Just trying to be a good moderator. No offense meant here, but when I read your initial post I too thought you were a Spanish speaking person trying to type in English . A lot Of it is hard to understand. If this is an issue where it’s simply your dyslexia causing some of this to be difficult to read we all apologies. No one here is intentionally trying to insult or bully you. I promise.

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I only read the first few words and it looked like a different language. Apologies for not reading any further. I just skimmed the first bit.

Ummmm… what???