Bronze points are broken for every mode

I’ve known this since the game launched due to friends placing there.

You gain less points in bronze than you do in silver. The point gain is about the same as it is in gold.

400>500 for a win + MVP. I haven’t seen higher yet from my circle of friends. Whereas the same performance in silver nets you anywhere from 800>1600 points.

In 2v2 gnasher only, the issue is even worse 30>70 points for a win + MVP. It’ll take an eternity to grind out of bronze with that laughably low point gain.

Maybe now that they’ve stated that everyone is going to place bronze, this issue will finally be fixed?

If we make enough noise that is. @N0DEZER0 i know that you don’t post here much anymore, but can you please investigate this? Something isn’t right and hasn’t been since launch.


Bronze is the new Operation 1 Silver.


I understand first hand how some people found it a slog grinding out of bronze now.

That’s one of the issues with our community though. A lot of people who never placed bronze were like “play better and you’ll fly up”. Whilst that’s true to a degree for gold and above players, it still doesn’t fix the clear bug with point distribution in bronze.

Point gain goes down the higher you rank up, with masters gaining the least amount of points.

If you follow that clear logic, bronze should be awarding the highest point gains out of all the ranks and it doesn’t.