Broken uninstalled the game

1.1 GB update got stuck at 100%

Had to cancel it now I realise it is reinstalling the whole game.

No I didn’t uninstall but apparently it uninstalled itself lmao!!!

I had the exact same thing happen to me a couple weeks ago. It’s not that it uninstalled itself. It’s that Xbox doesn’t tell you this. If you cancel an update on ANY game it uninstalls the entire game.

Ok that explains why horizon 4 is uninstalled now too lol

after the update the game is bugged out for me. its stuck at like 30 fps and the hud isnt displaying anything correctly and it was so laggy that it was unplayable and i had to quit the match

Annoying when this happens.

But your Xbox is probably grateful to be rid of the game so swings and roundabouts.

I’m dealing with this as we speak. 100% updating, just sitting there. Does it ever finish?!?

Yes … i think ??

I play on PC with the windows store and this issue also happens about 25% time i have to update this game, if i remember right mine did this when OP 2 hit and that was a kick in the nuts. I believe my fix required me to force shut down some processes with task manger so not something that can be done with xbox Sorry ):

No it just sits there. I had to cancel which apparently uninstalls the game. I tried pausing it and even restarting my xbox but the only thing that worked for me was to cancel it and reinstall the game

Unplug power from the Xbox and wait five minutes then plug back in and try again.