Broken Ranked System

How is it that I carry my team by thousands of points on KOTH but loose and still go down in points either put skill based matchmaking or stop making me go down for the BUMBS ON MY TEAM

Ever hear of the SEARCH function… or …ENGLISH, wtf if a “bumb”

It is because result outweighs performance. it wasn’t always like this, at the beginning, aside from the obvious errors, the ranking system was better in principle. I much prefer individual performance over result.

Why did they change it? Crybabies who just want to get easier ranks by rolling stacked and winning.

Why the whole zero points then change it and change it back? Safety net for crybabies.

Literally make it based on damage done per match, with an added bonus for winning and a deduction for losing.

Also, why does the MVP mean top scorer on the winning team? Because they wanted to stop the cries of getting MVP, losing, and losing points.

They simply wont address the actual problems so they looked to cover them up.

New ranking system coming. Hopefully one that’s brutally simple but tough.