BROKEN RANKED SYSTEM - Lost connection will give you a penalty

Being victim of a DDOS attack or simply losing connection with a ranked match will give you a quit penalty.

Tonight I played ranked in the new Gears season. We experienced a disconnection very early; all squad members then received a quit penalty despite the fact that we did not purposefully quit the match.

We have to play two quick play matches in order to play ranked again. What a fabulous way to punish players who did nothing wrong while simultaneously avoiding the issue of other players who DDOS.

Thanks Coalition. I can see a great amount of thinking went into this implementation. 10/10. Couldn’t be any better.

EDIT: And we lost points for that game. How good.

TC’s advice is to put in a ticket with screenshots if possible and time(s) the disconnects happened so they can investigate. is the link for support if anyone needs :slight_smile:

Thank you.