Broken matchmaking

The matchmaking of Gears 5 is horrible, I’m Diamond Rank 1 in King of the Hill and in my team I played with a person of level 1, It’s impossible that that level is Diamond Rank or something similar, I say that I had not even been classified In this game mode, I took the MVP in the game but we lost the game because he did nothing! More than hindering, it is quite annoying to know that the pairing does not work as it should be !!! FIX THAT! Now I can not imagine how the game will be in a few months without Rod, this game is the worst of the entire saga, speaking in Multiplayer. Can you do something to repair this?

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It’s pretty ridiculous. If you look at the video from a few month ago explaining rank they basically say that they intentionally match high ranks with low ranks on both teams.