Broken fabricator broken game

@Fishie_flop_oog have any thoughts here?


It must be fairly rare. I think I’ve experienced it once. Game breaking when it happens though.


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Its issue after issue with this crap, how do people defend this pre-alpha game. After 6 games you would think they would have a clue.


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While I appreciate the approach you’re taking here, the Lancer card was only recently added (I know that because I added it myself).

We absolutely do not priotize bugs in that matter either,

@Claw9700, I recall seeing a bug marked about unmovable fortifications just like this, I’ll chase up


When you fix the poorly PC performance issues maybe you can shut me up.

This is my post of 2019 when the game crashes more often

Now this is a stutter fest, my GTX 1070 isn’t precisely a low end card and my Ryzen 5 3600 can handle a lot of heavy games like Metro Exodus smootlhy.
Examples of horrible performance

And Nvidia is also a poorly company that don’t care on fix this kind of issues.

As developer I would be more worried fixing this rather than stuffs that brings “advantage” on a PVE game mode. Anyway this will be ignored as Gears of War 4 BSOD issues that was neved solved,

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Comment useless for someone troll like you.

This might be a hot take, but the fabricator exploit did not make the game more fun for me. In Gears 4 or 5. I am SO happy that people play maps besides Forge on Horde now.

But that’s not to say the bug of red fortifications shouldn’t be fixed. I was just very happy they made the fabricator destructible.

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I honestly can’t tell that making it destructible changed anything. It can be repaired (usually). It still serves the same purpose. It’s rarely attacked.

As a matter of fact, the only enemies that seem to target it is leeches. Then it seems to only be if you are near the fabricator.

Drones seem to also ignore the fabricator unless a player is near.

This could have all been resolved if they just programmed enemies to climb over the fabricator, or side-step it.

Making it breakable has only ever caused game-breaking issues for me, it’s never added to the “fun” of the game, only took away from it. So in my mind it was just a bad move.

And even when the fabricator isn’t glitching and unusable, having it able to break has only ever resulted in massive quitting if it breaks mid-match with KO’ed players.


It’s enough to deter the act of leaving an entire entrance unguarded because the fabricator is there, and it’s enough for me. That’s why Forge dropped so harshly in frequency. Now someone had to stay on the left side to shoot leeches and trackers, which drew enemies to that entrance, which defeated the purpose of the exploit. Glad it’s gone.

I understand the negatives you guys are presenting. I’ve just only had the fabricator die like… I dunno. Twice? It never happens to me.

Only one I know who can fix broken and unmoveable fortifications is Baird. It happened during a run on Overload. Locker was destroyed and someone moved it into the wall where it could not be touch there after. I was baird and was using precision repairs and when I got a headshot I noticed the locker had health added to it and I could move it but I don’t think it works for the fabricator. Just a tip for anyone who runs into this problem lol.

Combat medic might be able to work around this bug with Team Repair but again I don’t know if it works for the fabricator.

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Same happened to me.

Only really helps if you already have a Baird, though. And in my experience more people choose Del for the discounts.

From what I notice, the bug seems to keep the health at 0hp i run into this in my games of horde usual due to me quickly fixing it then picking it up or a slight chance if it in a wall or too close to it.

After seeing numerous bugs that make the game easier patched out (barrier/grenade bleed for grace and friends, invincible red barriers back in op 1-2, etc), while ones that make the game more difficult (lockers not charging the last magazine unless the weapon already has 1 magazine in it, structures getting stuck red and becoming unmovable, the aforementioned lancer issues, Wakaatu’s deciding to disappear entirely and never come back on harbor and other maps, etc) remain for a long, long time, I’m somewhat skeptical.

I’m a software engineer by trade. I understand that story prioritization can and often is seemingly random, and often boils down to “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” But it sure seems like the squeaky wheels are the “fun” glitches, while the teeth grinding ones are the ones that persist across multiple operations and TUs. And its not like people havent reported issues with it before.

And I wouldn’t be making a stink about it if I didn’t enjoy gears. It would be sitting in my undownloaded queue, along with a battery of buggy Ubisoft games, Destiny, and other titles I’ve forgotten about, instead of getting daily playtime with me and my buddies.


Yes. This

Why are bleed barriers nearly instantly fixed, and yet stuck red objects have been around for multiple operations?

I only make posts because once upon a time I really enjoyed Gears.

I’m re-up 47, and yet I’m finding it difficult to play again, even just to get to 50.


I mean, it’s been how long time Demo’s marks were supposed to last twice as long?

Now, ok, this is me putting on my tin foil hat, but, this is what I think happened:

  1. they neutered JD, once again…

  2. they thought - well, we HAVE TO give SOMETHING back, so it’s not SO one sided… so we’ll tell them the marks last twice as long to make it easier to take advantage of the new 5 target artillery thing… BUT (!!!)

this MIGHT have him OP, we don’t know, since we don’t really know how to play the game… So we’ll TELL THEM the marks stay on, but we don’t ACTUALLY implement it… And we’ll watch what happens… If “Demo” turns out to be powerful as he is, without the double lasting marks, we’ll just leave it like that, and keep ignoring the issue… If , on the other hand, it ends up being underpowered, or under popular, ok, we’ll fix the marks at some point in the future…

I mean, how else do you explain it?? This is a bug where the functionality says “this will happen” and reality is “this does not happen.” It’s not a corner case, you know, IF you have the bleed card enabled, and IF you are holding the mace, and IF you throw an incend at a boss, and IF you switch back to the mace in time, THEN the boss will burn in 2 seconds… No…

This is basic code functionality : marks last twice as long. Full stop. Period. End of story.

How did this get through testing??? ANYONE who tests it even once, under ANY conditions, would see that doesn’t work…

How can they have missed it?? Unless it was intentional…

Now, this is the point where @TC_MichaelAOS jumps in and says “despite the general theme of this msg thread, this is actually a bug, which we’ll fix” - just like he said to me showing a video of the Kestrel stopping shooting at the gunner the INSTANT the ultimate was activated… of course that was MONTHS ago, and I don’t believe that’s been fixed yet…

So how do you distinguish between a bug which just isn’t fixed (“yet”, months later), and intended behavior? Eh??

ohhh, i guess we just have to take their word for it…


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I’m not going to apply malice where oversight is a better answer. But there is a pattern, and intentional or not, it is obnoxious. I mean hell, you reported the first lancer glitch back in October of 2019, and its still there.

As for the Kestrel bug, its still sort of there. It will stop, but sometimes wont. More inconsistent than when it just flat out stopped. Other AI will avoid targeting the gunner as well, but with the same sort of random behavior.

This is why games as service is a pure cancer. Stinks and it’s also a poor costumer support, I miss the age when devs release a game with their pros and cons, and you can only accept and deal with it, now we’re in a vicious circle of a non stop beta testing on a pre alpha game, And as Gears of War 4 on PC was never fixed the BSOD issue, this feels unfinished. I hate TC and I only hope Microsoft orders a remake/ports of original trilogy made for another developer. Meanwhile I’m trying to play this game less and replay my ps1 favorites.


i was a heavy user of the chainsaw in GoW4 PvP; when they released the tech test in the summer, I was so hyped… I knew there was a problem within about 20 seconds of starting my first PvP game… This destroys the chainsaw and its use, for PvP, except for highly scripted and simplistic situations… In realistic situations, you don’t dare to try to use it, it’s almost a death sentence…

But realistically speaking, sooooo much of what made me fall in love with GoW4 PvP is either gone or in some cases the exact opposite was done, I don’t really care anymore… I’ve given up on PvP in this game a long time ago…

PvE was keeping me going, until they flat out said they weren’t going to implement dup scrapping… (reading between the lines)… I kinda gave up on the whole game after that, beyond a couple of horde games per week…

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