Broken Chainsaw?

Hello, just wondering if anyone else has had the issue
Since the new operation 3 started, that when you have the chainsaw revved up, if you get knocked out of it, you reload instantly. I’m sorry if this is somewhere else I searched but couldn’t find it. Thanks


Did you mean broken game?


Yes a lot of people have reported this. It happened to me in Horde. If you get interrupted during a chainsaw attempt, you enter the reload animation. Seems like a balance fix but it might be a bug. Who knows?


Yyyeeeaaah :roll_eyes:

Yesterday on map reclaimed,wanted desperately to chainsaw the enemy,but it kept doing reload,reload,reload,then/sadly the enemy got me DBNO,eventually died,but I should have put some music on to make it more bearable/fun


Best. Story. Ever.

Sorry didn’t read your post,I’m tired just trying to help to get TC to fix theses issues my friend

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No I was serious. No sarcasm. Your post is better than 99% of posts here including my own.

The hope, the heartbreak, the relatability of such a short anecdote. You’re my hero.

Here is a gif to show I mean well:

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Thanks my friend,

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You’re most welcome.

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Yes I have this on Chainsaw.

I really hope it’s a bug and not a balance fix, because the chainsaw already takes forever to get going as it is, and it being only assigned to the bumper is really annoying as well

You can re map if you want

Yyyeeeaaah, not just the chainsaw though. they made several changes with classic all the controls that just don’t work out very well, I really hate all executions have to be done with the b button instead of the right stick as well

Yes, when you release RB after an interruption reload starts to reload.

Not only that, whenever i (on classic alt) hit LB-RB, to either advance the wave OR activate the ultimate, while holding a rifle, it ALSO auto reloads.

Especially annoying with Marcus when you activate your ultimate and your lancer/claw starts to reload, haha…

Yet ANOTHER fukc up caused by reusing the reload button for other purposes… The single biggest mistake TC made with G5, IMO

They could fix this easily by making the secondary lancer function freely remappable. As it is right now it does not appear in the control customization options and is locked to the “R” key on PC, and apparently the RB button on the controller.

I’ve made it bearable for myself by mapping one of my mouse keys to the R key, but not everyone has this option.

And I seem to have something changed with GL rocket launching too? Lately reloading gun rather than firing? Or maybe fat fingers.

Oh you should see the ■■■■ I can cause in Horde as I do my normal ‘marking’ and inadvertently pick up a sentry or barrier. Or get a screen with the pretty useless “grab that” “take the objective” “cover me” “giggle” I use for Lizzy. No. I don’t know what she means! :smirk: