Broke Gilded Marcus

Has anyone been able to find a fix on how to get gilded Marcus on gears 4. I have 104 achievement for the game and it says I’ve 100% completed the achievement but I still don’t have gilded Marcus to play in gears 4. I’ve tried using another console because both my dad and fiancee have got him but I still haven’t received him.

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Welcome to the club.

It’s been happening for a few people. All I can say is patience. You can try the usual hard resets and that but no doubt TC will sort it out over the next 20 years.


didn’t this same issue rear it’s head for the RaaM challenge too?

Yeah it did


guys all you have to do is unlock a regular achievement to pop the stuck Marcus achievement that worked for me


Same here. :woozy_face: I have well over 50 achievements. No Gilded Marcus…

I’ve tried unlocking a regular achievement and still no gilded marcus. I’ve also trievld hard resetting my Xbox still no Marcus yet I can unlock the other gilded characters

Just be patient.

TC have already responded to people saying that due to the increased number of players on the servers (due to these challenges) it’s caused some additional demand which is causing delays in challenges triggering, progress being tracked, and rewards being given out.

Really believe there are more people playing now than the first year?

They didn’t have the challenge tracking function in year 1. I think they only bought that in for the Griffin challenge and that was spring 2018.

Thing is, not everyone has been experiencing these problems with the challenges. I’m fortunate enough to have gotten what I achieved without any problems, so the issues seem to be caused by the number of people all working on these challenges at the same time and the Gears servers tracking all these challenges.

Remember when they had the season pass pack drop and it crashed the servers for a weekend?

At some point the guys have to upgrade. Triple A?

I must admit I can’t remember that. But that sounds like classic TC!

I remember a few other times where the servers went down for fairly long periods of time (as in more than 24 hours).

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PTSD flashbacks more like! Now I remember…

I won’t keep going, but the memories still linger.

Getting a “regular achievement” is not possible for other people like me. Some of us have had the game’s achievements at 100% multiple times now.

That said, luckily Marcus popped for me the second the game loaded yesterday.

August 1 update will fix it then

So is it not normal I have the Gilded Marcus one I got it right away? I also got that JD one yesterday I don’t think it’s ever not worked. I feel bad when people don’t get it but I’m sure it will work eventually :slight_smile: