Bringing back some skins and characters

Can we bring back some of the past guns skins and characters. I have been dying to have black steel Anya and was sad when she wasn’t available to purchase during gearsmas. But other things too, like the I am adopted lancer or the cluckshot boomshot, etc. I feel like since the switch to gears 5 is coming, it would be nice to have the other cool stuff to come back so we could rock them for a while. I know the rockstar stuff were mentioned in the recent developer stream too. I I’d even pay for it and I know other people would too. It would be nice and I’m sure appreciated.


Totally agree. Missed out on a lot of skins that i want now

Giving players what they want? Nah, I’d rather them do time-exclusive RNG packs so I can feel special with my Black Steel Anya that you can’t have.


only if I can pay 15$ for them

All I want is the original Phantom Enforcer (the blue/red team colours one) to complete that set. I think the Phantom skins are my favourite, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t normally care for weapon skins at all!

you missed the black friday sale they had all the characters except the new ones. As for weapon skins I doubt they’ll be back

I hope to see them bring back RNG in Gears 5…FTW


The original phantom skins are my favorite too. Too bad I’m missing the boomshot, embar, enforcer, snub, and boltok. Hopefully they become available again someday.