Bring Wingman Back👍🏽

Bring Wingman back as a permanent competitive playlist. It was too popular through previous ‘Gears Of War’ to leave it.


It actually died, TC said so themselves. If it were to return and dies then wingman should NEVER return in future titles again.

Also wingman isnt going to come to Gears 4 since its too much work to do right now and major game support has ended.

Bring meatshield back capture the flag. That was challenging with the guy shooting you also

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I would like the Wingman back from 3 where it was 5 teams of 2. Not just 2 v 2 on small map

It was semi-popular in Gears 2, not as big as Guardian, but it definitely died in Gears 3.

I wouldn’t mind it being in Gears 5, it would be neat and I might play a few matches, but I wont play it regularly, after the first month.

That would be the best thing if they did that