Bring Wingman back and bring back the old Guardian

The title explains it all, we need wingman back.

Also, I prefer the old Guardian where you had to hold the “Leader” for an amount of time before you could kill him. Makes the game mode more interesting

EDIT: IT WASNT “THE OLD GUARDIAN” I mistook it for Submission.

That wasn’t the old Guardian, that was Submission. It wasn’t the leader you captured either.

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You are right, it was submission, wasn’t it a leader? when I say leader i’m refering to an X Player.

Come on yo

Do you mean Capture the leader from Gears 3?

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Yes we Need wingman !!!

You captured one of the stranded in Submission but as someone else pointed out there was also Capture the Leader which is what you might have meant, so apologies, I completely forgot about that mode, It seems it was the successor to Submission.

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It was intended as a cross between Guardian and Submission.

Sta ce tebi bre Wingman?,

Tebra nesmes da pravis talase na ovom forumu!

Ima da igras sto ti TC kaze da igras!


Submission is when you have a living flag such as Chap from the gears 1 campaign and you had to hold him for a certain amount of time to win the round, Guardian was were you had to kill the other teams leader that was a playable character, and capture the leader was both combined but again the leader was a playable character but had to hold them for a certain amount of time.

Sta je tebra bre jeboti pas mater. Govori srpski da te svet razume :smiley: