Bring this back

The Hammer of Dawn.
The Boomshield.
Other weapons from previous games… who even cares about the Overkill, Talon, Embar and all the other trash boring weapons? Bring back scorcher… bring back ink grenades… add more variety to the game, it’s very stale.
OG Maps from Gears 1, 2 and 3. (Such as Mansion, Fuel Depot, Garden… Avalanche, Day One, River, Hotel, Mercy… The only fun maps… not ones we have now such as Harbor… Also add more dynamic maps, such as Hail… or the DLC one from GOW3 which has Kryll)
Characters such as Jayce, Dizzy, Aaron Griffin, Hoffman, Tai, Skorge… and many more…


Slide speed.
Smoke coming from Longshot shots.
Headshots from snub pistol.
Dark grunge/dark colour scheme, and more gore.
The original blue colour on the Classic skins… it was more greeny blue than just plain blue what we have now…

And lots more, the list goes on… I could be here all night but I’m not going to shame TC they are doing their best… I just think there is a lot more to be added to make Gears 5 really feel like it actually is Gears 5.

Thanks for reading :smile:


You can still headshot with snubs but I agree on everything

After third down or what?

At this point in the games life I can’t really see many of those things happening or being that possible

My hope at this point is that gears6 is being developed off the back of 4 with most recommendations like weapon choices, colour pallet/design choices and maps are being taken into consideration

If g6 launches with 10 of the best, not seen much of(or atall) maps from 123s days and 1 decent competitive tuning with low lag comp an assists, DECENT servers and a re-written (by an actual programmer) net code it might not die as fast as 5 did, maybe even be really successful outside of campaign only sales

Feel like they could still add most of that to 5 if they wanted to :confused:

Maybe they could, but with many players moving on its jus not a great business move to put that much work into 5 now, ppl will give them another chance for 6, that’s the best shot at player retention now. It’s gota function out the gate and be complete n polished b4 release or it’ll get dropped by the masses again

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see it, but find it unrealistic.

There’s still time to do 6 right!!

MGGA: Make Gears Great Again

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I’d say they’ve gotta focus on this gears or else it’ll be pointless releasing 6, They have a three or so year gap don’t they usually so lots of time still

The business model for Gears 5 is a Games as a live service one, so pretty much all they really make off of Gears 5 is from cosmetics/microtransactions, obviously there are limits to it but player retention is like 95% of what they care about, I see new players all the time in Gears 5 (even in Master PvE :roll_eyes:) so I don’t think they have too large of an issue with getting new players, the real issue is keeping them.

Edit: Gamepass subscriptions is another key metric that Microsoft values for Gears 5, just thought I’d add that.

Only a very small group of devs are current working on Gears 5, there were definitely some devs working on Tactics but they’ve probably moved onto working on Gears 6 many months ago. The real question is whether or not Gears 6 will get more polish.

Hate to be the devil’s advocate here but how many games nowadays release in a great state?

The games that do really well nowadays are typically Free-to-Play (which Gears might as well be considering how many microtransactions are in it), massive RPG type games (RDR2, GTA5, etc.) or just part of a massive franchise (Madden as an example) so I personally think Gears can do 1 of 2 things, it can either adapt/morph to meet a more widespread audience (which is high risk/high payoff if successful) or it can just deliver an experience that fans enjoy (which is pretty much exactly what they did with 4/5)

The real issue with this game is that it doesn’t give you (long term) much incentive to come back and play outside of achievements, the best thing they ever did for Gears 5 is the Legends rank, this means that everybody has some incentive to come back and grind for certain challenges for Gears Coins, but that’s a really shallow incentive to play really.


  • Give MUCH better XP (double XP weekends or whatever), especially for Versus as Versus is a cesspool of toxic players and has a much more negative environment compared to PvE where you have more options.

  • Offer more interesting/challenging PvE experiences; I pretty much have gotten completely bored of Horde in this game because if you have a good team there really isn’t any compelling challenge for you, I’ve already maxed out my cards so I don’t even have that as an excuse to play Gears 5. Escape is cool and all but Home is where the Horde is.

  • Ambitious DLC/content: As much as I would love to see some more legacy maps return who’s leg do I have to hump to get some of the legacy weapons/enemies in this game?

The only REAL issue with adding weapons is that TC would probably have to have some weapon skins to go with it, but honestly just start that weapon off with a few select skins, cosmetics are cool but nothing beats good content. I would personally rather see the Scorcher or the Ink Grenades then 1 million lancer skins.

I saw the Series X Gears Tactics trailer and although it is really cool that you are adding stuff from Gears 5 to Tactics, I just wonder if the same would be done inverse? :thinking:
Gears 4 had Locust, Tactics had Locust, even though it was a very small selection compared to say Gears of War 3 (even excluding Savage/Lambant) I don’t believe for one second that TC are incapable of bringing them back, I don’t care if you charge me real money for it, the point is that fans have been fighting the Locust for about 14 years, it breaks my heart to play Gears 3 because it just reminds me of how much I missed my Grubs :pleading_face:

I know this has become sort of a long rant, but if you don’t raise the bar now (for Gears 5) they sure as hell won’t bother doing much better for Gears 6.