Bring the hammerburst back!

Please bring the awesome hammerburst back as a loadout option for the Core modes! I think removing this weapon was a mistake. Mortars, one shots, hammer of dawn additions? Less is not always more.

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It wont because the weapon was too OP and it was abused by whole team using HB. It was stronger than the Lancer in terms of the range and accuracy in the hands of the whole team using it.

We played just fine with it for years.

It was never fine. Epic just sucks with weapon balance. TC is much better at balancing the game.

At least Classic HB coming back would be good. While the new HB is OP the old is quite inaccurate but fun to use.

And yet somehow they feel having two tunings is a good thing.

A hybrid universal tuning would have been better.

As much as I’d like to have it again as an option it would need to be rebalanced and this late in the games life cycle that isn’t likely to happen. I think all we can hope for at this point is that TC builds it again from scratch for 5 and actually does in depth testing for scenarios like full teams running it and ability to finish your down from the get go. Sorry to say but I think that’s all we can hope for now.