Bring old school weapons back! An alter achievements!

This is a direct message to TC!! As a loyal fan of gears an a gamer who puts a lot of hours into gears 5 i think keeping these operations fresh an engaging is very important for the fan base!! I think once you reach general an finish escapes an do the events theres not much else to do!! I really think dropping some new weapons mid operation over the next 3 to 5 operations would be brilliant! Next op when dom an the carmines get cards it would be sweet if maybe dom had a lancer an a flame thrower an maybe the carmines could get sawnoff shotgun? Hell maybe even bring the digger back!? New weapons completely refresh the game as a whole an as a triple a game you guys could be doing better! I love gears way more than any other shooter but i always feel call of duty blows you away for dlc an content updates!! An also i think letting us grind for the kills achivements in horde or escape instead of just versus would be awsome!!

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Could do better if he applied himself more