Bring Locust Maulers, Boomers And Grinders To Horde

hi, do you guys remember the boomers, grinders and maulers in gears 1 and 2? I sure enjoyed killing them. they were very intimidating enemies. I hope to see them in gears 5 horde soon. in that 4K resolution

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Too bad for you - development or bugfixes on 5 have stopped a long time ago.

And leaving aside that adding the Locust/Lambents was a mistake to begin with with - the Boomshot and Mulcher Scion already replaced the Boomers and made them more deadlier as well. I certainly would appreciate if Scions would give an audio-cue before they start firing but audio would have to work then in the first place.

And Wardens are supposed to replace the Maulers according to the Lead PvE-dev. Which is also nonsense as I’ve yet to see more than 2 Wardens at once in Horde when Maulers would show up in bigger numbers.


wow, i miss the locust. they were so much more better.

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Yeah, I must say I do miss hearing the loud footsteps and then them saying “Boom” before firing a shot … ah good times lol. The only way to see them now is to go back to Gears of War 3 because I don’t see TC adding them this game or the next.

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No sound cue? what? a mulcher scion screams “Suppressing” before shooting like a grinder would say grind while the boomshot scons say “FIRING” like a boomer who says boom when they fire the boomshot even the dropshot scion says “LAUNCHING” before firing the dropshot you must not pay attention to there attack sound cues the only times when i hear the boomshot or dropshot scion stop saying things is when there too close


See I hardly run into this issue. I legit always hear the sound cue, It’s the firing back to back that annoys me. There should be a delay between a Scion Boomshots booms but sometimes he’ll hit like an active reload or something and shoot another one like RIGHT away.

They don’t always say it, or the sound doesn’t work.
They’ll quite happily shoot you down if you move towards them without a word.


And the Boomshots love to do instant 180s while sometimes also firing mid spin.


I mean ya that true I guess they expect you to know how many seconds it takes before they fire after a reload (i also forgot to mention the doom word of a scion on master)“FREEZING”

Maybe on the first shot after spawning, but they very much shoot without any audio-cue ALL THE ■■■■■■■ TIME.

Sure, guess I’m just imagining the abscene of sound.

It’s been at least 6 months since I’ve last seen you play Lahni :wink:

  1. I’ve been downed by a Boomshot Scion more than once immediately after the reload animation stopped playing.

They at least give me 0 to 2 seconds at times but usual the 0 seconds if I recall my horde times right

They are more deadlier in a way, but they are so much less entertaining. I certainly miss the “Boom!” and “Grind!”.

Scions were much better when they could empower infantry, a great feature that randomly disappeared without a mention.


I agree.

Yeah, nah.

Horde already has too many grinders as it is.


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It’s settled then!


Really, How so ? I’m not a lover of the Lambent in 5, their behaviour was better in 3, but still rather have them than not and as for saying adding Locust (our beloved OG monsters) back was a mistake…


Well he is a believer in that the Swarm are visually superior to the Locust enemies, but it’s also a question of how the spawn patterns were messed with so the game spams Boomshot Scions everywhere while all they are is a stupid, obnoxious, frustrating enemy to deal with, and the Locust reaking the game even further due to improper playtesting/improper implementation.

EG Therons completely ignoring Stim and having absolute nukes as arrows that take off 70+% HP off of the Silverback in a single shot - more than Boomshot Scion damage, mind you - once the 2x damage poison kicks in, Grenadiers throwing frags that have a completely excessive blast radius and damage as well as sometimes just throwing them without a sound cue, not even requiring line of sight to throw their nuke frags over 20 meter walls or around several corners with perfect accuracy, Lambent explosions being an insta down while you barely have any time to dodge it if you’re right by them(go figure how that is a problem especially when you’re playing Blademaster), I could go on.

The almighty cat also dislikes Palace Guards for their weapon pickup shenanigans, but their damage is equally overtuned and I hate them more for that than I dislike them running around with weapons they picked up on the map.

Me personally, I primarily just hate the inclusion of the Locust due to the aforementioned issues and that the game spams Boomshot Scions EVERYWHERE now when it’s one of the most BS inducing enemies in the entire game and absolutely no fun to fight at all.

Lambent waves are boring. It’s slow and not much to do. They should just get rid of them and focus on more Swarm.

Hi. I don’t disagree re Lambent, as I say they were utilised better in 3.


Good old Drudges :ok_hand:

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