Bring Killstreaks or Vehicles

Can u guys include a gamemode with Vehicles or killstreaks maby a 10v10

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Killstreaks, no thank you.
Vehicles ? I wouldnt mind a BTB type mode, certainly take that over BR.


Shame on you. Keep up with the CoD inspired thoughts by and you’ll be a “bad guy” here quickly indeed.


What is with people these days wanting to make Gears of War into a COD/Fornite game? Just stop already with these silly ideas and questions. Go play COD if you want a kill streak


Doesn’t have to be strictly CoD inspires even if there killstreaks would earn you vehicles(at least in the last CoD that I played, but that’s over 7 years ago - I don’t regret not sticking with that franchise). Halo’s also got vehicles which anyone can go and find on the map(excluding certain modes and some of Halo 5s modes where you “buy” vehicles or something from a base, but it is at least three years since I even touched that game so I don’t remember the specifics).

However, I don’t really know if vehicles would work in a (technically) cover based game. Usually, the situations where they are used in Gears’ campaign are big, open areas with little to no cover for the enemies(except for getting to use a Silverback) and I don’t really know if they’d work Versus. Or if Gears players would be very welcoming to it. I could see limited use for them in Horde, if there was a variation of Horde implemented where you would move over a large map towards certain objectives.

Edit : Before anyone wants to get at me, no, I’m not in favor of “killstreaks”. The only thing I could possibly imagine in that regard would be like the small “awards” given in Halo for a killstreak but we technically already have that under the form of ribbons.


What a stupid idea…


Kill streak is definitely stupid. But, I wouldn’t mind vehicles


It’s primarily inspired by CoD. It works brilliantly in Halo, I loved the Ghost & Banshee, but it’s an absolute no-go in Gears. It wouldn’t work and a lot of people would agree.

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Considering the vehicle segments in Gears have historically been the worst parts of every campaign, I would avoid increasing the frequency of them.

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Is this your opinion or a general statement? Aside from the Reaver ride I didn’t find them that bad, certainly not that I’d qualify them as the worst parts of all the Gears campaigns.

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It was the unified consensus among those I have played with over the years; Not the entire population but a decent cross section to poll. I can’t help you with your inability to discern opinions from unbiased data though.

Yeah, I know. It’s a strange problem to have. But I’ve never been very good at spotting sarcasm or irony either if it wasn’t extremely obvious.

3 kills = unleash some sires
5 kills = unleash some wretches & juvies
8 kills = unless some tickers
10 kills = unless 5 brumaks
12 kills = unless Myrrah and her flying Beatle
15 kills = unless the cole train

Edit: lmfaoooni love how unleash became unless and I didn’t realize

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Would be cool to have a PvEvP mode. Like horde but with 2 opposing teams.

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I play gwars cause its not battlefield or cod. Screw killstreaks and vehicles imo. The entire balamce would need to be overhauled to be fair.

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LOL imagine getting a killstreak on blood drive and being able to call in a raven or a RIG. Heck even an ACP.

wouldn’t really work i know we are all excited about GOW 5 but let’s not get our hopes too high up now, remember this is still TC we are talking about. Another thing is at this point the game is already finished. The only things i would imagine remains now is some final finishing touches and polishing for the versus multiplayer aspect. If rumours are true about september release only 3 month remain.

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