Bring gears of war ultimate edition back online

Recently i have been playing with the idea of going back to the original gears of war / ultimate edition.

I have no problems playing the new games, but frankly I miss the old gameplay and art style. The gore the gritty reality of how dark the atmosphere is.
I feel like these new games have sadly lost and forgotten what gears of wars identity is as a real time strategy shooter.

however I’m faced with the fact that it seems the servers arnt running ? We can’t make moneys unless local?

and the sad fact you can’t make lobeys publicly …

would be a beautiful thing to update if possible.

a sad day one fan trying to re live nestalgia.

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I once tried to play horde on GOW 2 , however i find out that servers must be off since Im always playing alone in that game… only GOW 3 its still active and alive somehow.

However I feel you regarding the old feeling that GOW was before, right now Gears 5 looks more cartoonish as it need to be … and the dark gore feeling its way off comparing to 4.

I agree that such atmospheres on newer GOW Games should be implemented.

Is it officially offline now then? I suddenly had the urge to play the game today, out of nowhere, only to be confronted with an online service error.

Ultimate edition was the best game in the series in my opinion.

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A TC Shill?

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