Bring Gears 4 multiplayer characters to Gears 5

Please TC… bring ALL the Gears 4 multiplayer characters to Gears 5! Gears 4 had hands down the MOST characters to play as (i.e- Uzil Sraak, Lambent, UIR etc) Please TC! We’re begging you! Don’t make us feel like a previous installment has more content than the game we’re currently playing!

They would love to put every character into gears 5 right now, but its not as simple as copy and paste.

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It’s actually a misconception that GOW5 has fewer characters and character variants than GOW4.

If you compare the two at the same stage of their lifespans, there’s not much difference. I did a rough count and reckon there’s less than 10 difference.


Yeah, GOW5 uses a new more advanced physics engine to create characters. There’s no way they can copy and paste old skins across. The new engine requires them to completely recreate characters from scratch - the way hair and clothing fabric moves is very advance in comparison.

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Was this somewhere published that unreal engine 4 changed its physics engine code?
Gow 5 uses same engine as Gow 4, only engine version is different. If something was changed, they could change names of bones on meshes, or they just made more detailed textures, and other mapping textures to get fancy stuff on mesh.

I can’t remember the terminology or the specifics (I’m not massively au fait with this kinda thing) but I watched a presentation by TC at this conference at the start of 2020 where they talked about the process of creating character models etc, and it’s more detailed. It’s still Unreal 4, but is more detailed and there’s more parts of the model which moves and is affected by physics.

I just found the video in my history.

I had used the wrong terminology - it relates to what is referred to as “character dynamics”. GOW4 used something called “PhysX Cloth” whereas GOW5 uses “Rod Dynamics”. Hope that clarifies what I’m referring to.

Maybe different approach to dangle bones they had previously in Gears 1-3. In Gears 1 you had to manually set all mesh bones on pawn properties that were rag dolled instead of having full animation ( yeah, theron clothing had bones :wink:) . I should watch this clip, I probably know which one you wrote about.

But even that, setting physics is something that can be done in couple hours with testing, I don’t know what so time wasting method had to be used to extend adding meshes to this long period of time.

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Oh I see that this method allows you to have a little more control over ragdoll and allows you to apply some animation when needed (it was shown on carrier presentation, on jermad and krampus it worked like in previous games).