Bring curb stomp back!

I don’t know why they did not include my favorite execution but they need to add it back in ASAP!!! Anyone know if they are planning to do so?


It’s like in judgement the bots can do it but we aren’t allowed to for no reason. I always wonder why we can’t if the animation is already there

I’m waiting for it to be a paid execution for one of the pistols because exclusive executions are a thing now…


You know that

If you’re asking if I know that’s what they’re doing, no I’m saying if they see an opportunity to make money off a desire they prolly won’t pass that opportunity up and since alternative executions are already being given out and in a time release manner like ‘In your face’ for the Lancer GL or ‘Final Touch’ for the Breaker Mace it stands to reason that they can indeed add the Curb Stomp as an Execution either through the store or a future Tour of Duty. If you notice several of the executions from the supply drop are simply the executions of other weapons so in theory they could include a Curb Stomp execution for every single weapon in the game.

Boomshot has the Overkill’s execution as unlockable
Hammerburst has the Gnasher
Breaker Mace, Longshot and Embar have the Markza execution.
The Claw has the Embar execution.
etc etc

Na that was more a “Yea you know mate” kinda statement, not the ending in a ? Kind

I agree, they prob will

I miss it also.

Hoping for soon return in form of ToD exclusive card.

Don’t mind the grind.

Best execution ever, excluding GoW3 arm rip.

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A classic curb stomp would be awesome!