Bring competetive ranks back

I don’t know why they even changed it in the first place it was good as it was. If you’re not good enough or play enough to get top 1000 then whats the point and whats the difference than playing social…

Is there even any ranked rewards left besides the top 1000 skins also i dont even feel like there’s any form or mmr, i got around top 9000 and it still felt like playing versus bots.

Ranked feels so useless


sbmm, quit penalties, no bots, specific modes you want to play

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As i said skill-based matchmaking is little as to none. Social also has specific game modes with faster games found. And quit penalties doesnt help very much when all you have to do is move once every 5 minutes to not get kicked, and bots would be better than 3v4.

Nothing says competetive about ranked anymore.


Exactly buddy


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Because players complained on the forums and twitter that they could reach master rank in all game modes in less than two days. So they didn’t have any incentive to play PvP anymore.

TC changed it to the grindy leaderboards to satisfy their hunger.


But what do you get from the grind? Assuming you dont reach top 1000.

It was removed because the playerbase is dead. If you reached master you’d have to search for ages so instead TC made it so pub stomping masters can be put against noob solos. See SASxShadow with his almost 10 w/l ration and 4 kd ration plus Mvp in like 60% of his matches in guardian.

Ouw That’s a answer I can accept, so the game is just that dead… so sad, its a great game with no love

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