Bring back the Tracker balls for mechanic

“I miss them already” - Del


There is so much to this thread….

It’s gonna take days for people to formulate a response to all the valid points you have brought up.


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I agree, Dom should of jumped out of that tanker well outside its blast range.

Easy fix
Make a turret card
Make a tracker card

If you try and use both your game crashes and you get banned for trying to fire a turret with tracker balls as bullets


If there’s No change on Ultimate, I guess the Community Challenge of Solo Escape Hive is hell fxxking sucked by Stupid Non-directable Trackers like The Surge & Gatekeeper.

I like currently change at all at least by Far that this Ultimate is Making Sense, fulfilling the lack of DPS in Mechanic, which he doesn’t need to do Repair all day long only.

Del don’t need his balls back…
Del don’t need his life back…

Del who lost both his balls and his life…

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They should just combine both ultimates into a tracker firing turret.
Maybe that pleases everyone.


I disagree, Clayton liking bacon is not central to the storyline of Gears 3.

and splattered all over the pavement after jumping from a truck going probably 60 miles an hour

Dom was wearing body armour, he’d have a chance. Torso, forearms/hands and legs…

Not if he landed on his head though… Or ripped off a limb… but if he survived that jump and Marcus had a tourniquet to apply in case, you know, missing limb, we’d be enjoying a peg legged version of Oscar… similarities hmmm. (shhh, yes I know, Dom has a widows peak.)

I remember when the Turret change came about for Del and some people were asking for it, I seriously don’t like it, some up my friends were hyped for it but they all now agree with me, they prefer tracker balls.

With tracker balls you use t he ultimate and know it will go after close enemy instead of having someone be on turret and may have to come off of turret to pick up someone if downed.