Bring back the sawed off

I’m a gnasher user but I used to like using the sawed off on occasion just to piss ppl off. It’s also an effective weapon to get multi kills

Bring back everything.


For real though! Another weapon they need to bring back asap is the gorgon pistol.

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And Mortar, Ink Grenades, FlameThrower, BoomShield etc

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Not in 4 but perhaps Gears 5

Can you imagine guys stockpiling OneShots for the boss waves of Horde. All the bosses would just be annihilated.


I agree, but I’d like to see the locust version to make an aplearance instead. I believe it bas a retro like blade bayonet attached.

Ya I’d love to see some grenade launchers on the barrel of your gun as well, like in CoD. Also, add danger close. I loved pissing people off from time to time with danger close noobtubes.

Sawed off, as a power weapon replaces Hammeburst on maps. HB back as starting…

Oh man that brings back so many memories, using One Man Army and noobtubes on MW2, I would just camp in the corner of a map and shoot launchers all day on domination. So much fun!

I stopped playing CoD once they removed OMA and noobtubes… like seriously what were they thinking? I had so much fun pissing people off. MW2 was the last good cod.

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Its not strong enough to be a power weapon but potientially a secondary weapon like retro and boltok

I to am a gnasher guy, you kinda have to be in Gears. I just enjoyed using the sawed off because of the coolness factor it had with its double barrels, awesome reload animation and its badass execution. But aside from all that it was a steaming pile of ■■■■ when compared to the gnasher lol. Which is why I enjoyed using it so much, it required great skill to properly make use of it and when you could outgun enemies who were using gnashers oh boy were they pissed. Their fragile little egos couldn’t take it and in came the hate messages and the reports​:joy::joy::joy:

the one shot sawed-off was weak but the one from gears J was strong only way you got killed by a sawed-off in 3 was if you were right in their face

People say in 3 the gun was OP whime i kindi I agree isnt it that what it suppose to do i.e kill at very close range?

Apparently most people prefer the two shot sawed off in judgment since it was relatively weaker.

In all honesty if rod thinks sawed off was a bad weapon to add in Gears too, then there is no hope for it to return.


This was one of the reasons I found Gears 3 Versus fun.
An alternative shotgun that only works well at near point blank.
Worse range to Grenades, worse range to Gnasher.
Subpar to melee range.
There’s no other reason I can think of to not add it in.
It’s some sort of challenging weapon which rewards multi-kills.
I sort of liked to school people with Gnashers to keep their distance and watch the corners.

A lot of weapons should be brought back. Including the digger.

Despite this, didn’t Cliffy B say adding the sawed off was a mistake? :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder what’s Rod view is on that weapon.