Bring back the sawed-off shotgun!

Dear TC

For your next weapon DLC (If there is one) PLEASE bring back the Sawed-off shotgun. NOT FOR ME but for these New gen and horde players. I grow tired of coming back to this forum on a monthly basis just to see the same community of people crying and whining about the same thing…”OmG thE gNAShER iS UnFAIr” “OmG PLeaSe nERF thE GNasHer” “OHHhhhh maH GAWddddd WaLlbOUNCinG Issss ChEaTiNg” all because they’re so lazy and can’t just learn how to not suck at the game…normally when people aren’t good at something they’re interested in, they make an effort to LEARNNNN…but nope! Not in this community lol…

Please give them that cheap ■■■ weapon which:

  1. Doesn’t take any skill.
  2. Doesn’t require aiming.
  3. Requires lazy play (which most people are who complain about…wallbouncing and gnasher skill)
  4. Perfect for camping.
  5. Great beginner weapon for new players, horde players/bots and botwalkers!
  6. Over powers the gnasher 9 times out of 10 in shotgun battles.
  7. Can kill up to 3 people in a single shot if you’re lucky!
  8. DESTROYS wallbouncers (my playstyle)
  9. Requires the player to think before they rush in (Another part of my playstyle, i’m very aggressive!)
  10. Only has 1 drawback which is it’s looooooong reload cycle. So you must at least know when to time your shots.
  11. Isn’t even the cheapest shotgun in the game compared to the overkill…

So with this weapon while you can’t be pushed easily anymore by aggressive gnasher play, you can however still be lancered to death. So it’s a win win! You’re defensive and so are they…bori-

Now personally I’ve never had a problem with the sawed off. In fact I’ve enjoyed using and abusing it some times back in the good old gears 3 days! It was fun triggering people and getting triggered by the weapon!

Now TC if you could just balance this weapon and implement it then I’m sure these new gen and horde players will FINALLY be satisfied and would cry less even when they’re still being outplayed with the cheaper weapon…thanks


I would like to see more weapons added to the game, I never had any problems with the sawed off (did made me rage), as far as I know there is no such thing as a perfectly balanced game and Gears has never had a perfectly balanced Gnasher that the whole fan base recognizes as the best Gnasher.

I do think adding the sawed off would be a nice idea, we get to see more playstyles in the game and we make it more fun for other people and in the end we are supposed to be having fun in the game.

Another weapon I would like to see make a return is the Digger, I think it would be perfect, I sucked using it in Gears 3 but I mean just think we would have the book shot, the drop shot which basically is the boomshot with wings and the Digger which the name is pretty self explanatory.

The Gorgon Pistol, if my memory serves me well in Gears 2 it was burst fire and in Gears 3 it was full auto, seeing as we have the Talon auto pistol the burst fire Gorgon Pistol could make it into the game.

You think these points help your case?


How does the SO not take skill if there less range and has a lower mag than the gnasher?

Great post. I had a blast using the sawed off in Gears 3, I had to use it to go for the onyx medal but really got into it for a short time. You really could wind some people up with it :joy:


Overkill is more overpowered then the sawed-off, hell if the sawed-off was a pickup I wouldn’t mind it coming back. The problem obviously came from players have the ability to press the delete button on you as a spawn weapon but as a pickup who cares, it would be no worse then any other power weapon.

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Ron Ferguson -“We recognize people really like the shotgun gameplay so we wanted to find a way to let new players have that same experience who aren’t talented with the Gnasher for example. So we wanted to make a weapon that doesn’t require the twitch gameplay of the Gnasher but allows them to have that close quarters combat fun. I know it’s a controversial weapon.”

because it was literally designed as a low/no skill weapon?

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Yes bring it back


Gnasher: Can two shot down at range which isn’t trouble if you can wallbounce. Has 8 shots that can be spammed.

Sawed-Off: I have to get in your personal space without getting down/killed and fire it. It has a small magazine of 1(in 3) and 2(judgment) and a painfully long reload time.

Tell me how it could be low skill. In theory, it sounds like one of the more skilled weapons to use.


I think the Judgement version of the Sawed-Off would be a great addition. Statistically the same as the Gnasher, but with 2 shots with basically no down time between them. Bursty, high risk, high reward. Maybe the perfect active reload would let it fire both barrels simultaneously? Would make it incredible for Infiltrator. Better yet, the Elite Sawed-Off from RAAM’S Shadow. Any weapon coming back would be great though.

I’d love to see it come back but guessing the overkill is its replacement, can’t get a 2-3 piece with that though can you? Was damn satisfying with the sawn-off

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I used to just replace my lancer with some fools sawnoff. Then surprise mfers by whipping out the gnasher n chasing the hit n run dirtbags down. Gun was trash. Made people play so pathetically. Run at you. Fire early or just miss. Run away…

I wouldn’t personally be against the idea :wink:


I wouldn’t mind it only because it gives the casuals a chance BUT the overkill has to be removed imo if they add the sawed-off back.

I do miss the neck crack execution for the sos

As someone who ran Lancer/Sawed-off in Gears 3, I am all for this. I really enjoyed this loadout option of having a literal both-barrels last resort in close combat.

If TC can bring the SO Shotty back, I’ll be happy.

I advocate for this solely because I want more weapons for diversity. It opens up more possibilities for PvE cards and classes.
It wouldn’t affect the versus meta at all because it isn’t a Gnasher… but I couldn’t care less about versus.