Bring back the old gear pack system!

This new store/ money pit is absolute garbage. The skins suck and you cant earn them by playing and buying gear packs, the new supply drops suck (I dont care what my marker symbol is) i thoroughly enjoyed the gears 4 packs not this battlepass, fortnite wannabe ■■■ store.


Yeah, I enjoy rng and getting ripped off.

I suppose you mean the new pack system in 4 as well, not the one that released with 4,400 credits and was nearly impossible to earn anything decent without money.

Or the UIR packs, or the Halloween packs.

I know the Tour of Duty is bad, and the store is bad, but anything was better than the rng pack system designed to take all your money.

No thank you.


So youd rather buy everything with real money then earn the in game gold and buy the packs just from playing


Both systems are/were poor to be honest.

The old system used RNG which was far too unpredictable. I once spent 196,000cr in order to complete a set from a featured Gear Pack, and know of some players who spent more.

To begin with, packs cost alot of credits too. Elite Packs initially cost 3,500cr; and the UIR featured packs cost 4,400cr each at first!

This bought about speedruns. Players wanted something that gave them credits and fast for minimum effort. Speedruns became a means to am end.

The current system rewards gameplay with customisation items, but is far too grindy and the rewards are too little considering the effort and time needed.

Also the Supply Drop items are poor. I like the concept, but it’s clear that TC are only including poor items in this to incentivise the grind, or money purchases. As of now there are no characters acquirable through Supply Drops. Even former default characters like the Swarm Drone or campaign models like Desert Kait or Winter Del are acquired through the Tour Of Duty. In comparison GOW4 had quite a few characters at launch which were acquirable through the standard core Gear Packs (and which were also craftable, like Minh, Hoffman, Baird etc).

I’ll reserve my full judgement about selection of characters because it’s still very early days and more will eventually be added. GOW4 had a limited selection at launch, although I should add that GOW4 had a wider selection of characters from day one (Minh, Hoffman, Baird, Cole) whereas GOW5 doesn’t. It just has the main characters, plus Fahz and the Escape crew (not counting the non-universe exclusive Halo and Terminator ones).

The concept of expressions, Emotes, and Bloodsprays are poor and childish overall as far as I’m concerned. To sell them for real money is a real knobhead move too. But I should add that it’s a two knob system - someone’s gotta buy it too.


I did not mind the old credit system. To me, it was much better. It was easy to get credits. Everytime a pack came out, I literally got what I wanted and I left 420k worth of credits on the table when I uninstalled Gears 4. Lots of people cried about the system and look at them now. Mostly, if not all the same people, are complaining again. How did the packs take your money though?


I pent 260,00 the first time the Thrashball pack came out.

All in all I think with enough feedback TC will do the same as the did with Gears 4 and make it not so “grindy”

Yeah the emotes, blood sprays, banners are all pointless to me all I want is more characters (seriously where the ■■■■ is baird?!) Dope weapon skins like the wire frame skins from watching pros play and just give me an emblem next to my name screw the banners. I dont care that when my teammates mark a guy it puts a turd above him, I already know hes a ■■■■ head. I loved the day of the dead skins, zombie skins, color blast skins. Gears 5 dropped with the worst cosmetic items I’ve ever seen and if you want weapon skins its $10 that’s lame.

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I’d rather have a non-intrusive system that isnt designed to rip people off.

How is it fair that people can play 2 hours and get the skin they want, and people who play 20 hours won’t get the skin they want?

If you want the Lahni skin, you pay 1000 iron. It’s fair. It’s expensive, but it’s fair, everyone has the same option.

Gears 4’s pack system is designed to rip you off. Gears 5 system is designed badly as well, but at least you know what you are getting.

Neither system is very good. Both systems are rubbish. Let me tell you that.

If you’d rather have a slot machine that is essentially gambling then I’m sorry, but not many people are going to agree with you.

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Then if that’s how you feel they need bring back the gold and make skins buyable with in game currency I’m not gonna pay $10 for a skin that should be earnable in the game. The system now is absolute garbage you either spend more money for skins, or grind day in and day out to earn mediocre skins through the tour of duty

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At the beginning, it wasn’t, which I guess was my main point, but if you wanted all the content in Gears 4, you had to speedrun. Especially in 2017, at its peak, you were forced into Horde, or spend money. I remember putting 110 packs on the Superstar Cole packs to get all the Ceremonial skins. 44k credits, when there were new packs coming out bi-weekly, were a lot.

And when the RAAM or the Carmine packs came out, woah oh, people would spend their money on them. Because its Carmine. Or its RAAM, or it’s the Locust Drones. I lost count of the amount of posts on the old forums that said, “I BOUGHT 10 PACKS WITH REAL MONEY AND DIDNT GET RAAM”.

Whilst that wont happen in 5, unless you want a different version of the skin, locking new characters behind (potentially) high grind walls, or pay walls, is not a good thing, just for the base version.

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Yeah, the prices are absurd. They should be halved at least, but hey, the best way to tell it’s too expensive is to vote with your wallet. Money hits the companies hardest.

I think the economy of the game will change, but not before December. See a pattern forming?


Literally the same store, garbage


Yep, it is, but that’s how most games with these kind of systems show their store, because companies cant be original. And TC like copying things.

Valid points. Also, to be honest, I completely forgot that some packs were up for actual money. I haven’t played Gears 4 in a while besides for the recent challenges for Gears 5.

I personally loved gears 4 store it gave me an incentive to grind games and buy packs and then they would do promotional skins (run the jewels characters) now people will lose in incentive to play because the can just buy whatever they want with mommy’s debit card. I spent $90 for early access to a game I couldn’t play (nvidia ■■■■ the bed on releasing drivers) I dont want to spend more money on skins when the previous gears was all earnable through packs (yes frustrating rng ensued) but it was fun imo


The main one was the Halloween pack. That was the main culprit, there was a reason why they never pulled that trick again. The Horde Expert one was bad as well, I don’t know why they never gave that a credit option.

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They just posted this so I’m hoping new characters release relatively soon. I will not be buying $10 cosmetics skins like fortnite pushes on people tho


Dave Bautista is supposed to be in soon, and the COG Gear is in October according to rumours. That leaves 2 others.

sigh Not another one who feels entitled to be included in a game. Who even wants this? Why does he get priority over older or lore related characters? I’d love a poll in the community in which people can choose for him to be included against say, Baird or Clay. Guaranteed to be not a good result for him.