Bring back the loot boxes

I enjoyed working towards my skins. Whether i got them in the box or made scrap for them, it was fun to earn them. The choice to purchase was fine, but being forced to purchase is a mood killer and makes people dislike the game. There’s other things that need work, and im sure TC will work on them, this is the main complaint I’ve got. Otherwise it’s a great game.

(Ps. When do more maps come out? And if i have to buy them I’m done with gears forever.)






HaHa … NO.



Why not? To everyone who said no. Do you want to spend money on skins?

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I agree. I bet everyone who says no hates the new iron system. They will deny it but they 100% know they do. The only good thing is that you know what you are getting. Ok great. Go right ahead and spend $10-$20 on a set of weapon skins that or a character skin to dress up your ken and Barbie dolls.

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I don’t like random box with poor chances to have what we want

But a system that give you more chance to have what you are missed I say yes

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The fact that we now have gamers arguing for lootboxes, after years of fighting against them is finally starting to pay off, is pretty much proof that we get what we deserve.


Hellz no. Random rewards is such a bad system. Specially when the Loot Boxes in GOW 4 had other cosmetic items that were not part of that new release in them to dilute the reward pool. It was disgusting and sucked.

Everybody here forgetting about scraps and being able to buy what you wanted with it. I had bought everything I needed without spending a single dollar. Guess you all prefer the garbage store we have in 5.

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No because there should be no MTs in any PAID game.

At this point i will say “BRING BACK THE SEASON PASS”. At least for 30 USD i was able to play 30 maps. im so Sick of play the same 4 maps over and over


What is wrong with people?! Loot boxes are a plague on video games. They are a money making scam and a form of manipulating consumers into spending money aka gambling! Stop falling for this BS! The fact that you want them back is proof they got you hooked.

The only issue with the current cosmetic content is that they were overpriced, which TC have already reacted to and changed. I personally congratulate and thank them for listening.

For those that haven’t bothered to read and do their research before posting:
FREE content through the Tour of Duty and Medals is released every 3 months. These “Operations” (as TC calls them) also include new maps and possible modes - all for free.

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I hate any system that has MT’s in a PAID game. It’s the principle.


To those going s0 u WuLd yOu raThUr pAy FoR sKyNzzz1!!!11!, no I don’t, at least not in a full priced game, but I also don’t want to go back to relying on a trash RNG lootbox system that will only net you your one trillionth pine snub pistol and a bunch of other useless items. I would much rather work towards something I know I’m going to get. ToD isn’t perfect, it’s kind of grindy (unless you take two seconds to research it and realize that most challenges can be “cheesed”), and most of the rewards are not compelling, but at least I know what I’m going to get rewarded for my hard work.

Plus, who’s to say that future events won’t net you some decent rewards that you can grind towards rather than pay like weapon and character skins. The game just came out…

Oh and +1 internet point to @OnyxCrimsonBlur for the gif.

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I’m all for the Season Pass that gives you maps and adds more to the tour of duty for a flat fee and just getting rid of IRON all together with no store. TOD shouldn’t be so grindy, but in defense you don’t have to do it all in one week. It is a three month period and I’ve almost got the Desert JD skin. I just got the Chill weapon set a few days ago and I’m just a normal-ish player. I don’t mind the grind too much (I play Warframe and run my own clan, that game is made of grind) so it’s not about boredom. It’s the fact that people grind my gears with saying we should celebrate having MT’s in a PAID game at all, which is not right in the slightest.
Any system which requires you to pay more in a PAID game is flawed because you’ve already dropped your $60 to $80 dollars, plus more if there are other versions, plus the $60 you have to pay for online subscription to play online because the lot of people play online anyway. Also, the gamespass argument is moot because you have to pay the subscription and if you don’t get the deal that’s $49 for 3 months plus renewals because you don’t get to keep the game when it’s done.
So, no, I will not celebrate any system that puts MT’s in a paid game. No.

Simple answer, no loot boxes, no iron, just NO.