Bring back the Hammerburst!

I realize this has been brought up a few times now, but I would like to request that the Hammerburst be brought back as a primary/starter weapon. In my opinion, it’s been a staple of the game for me… While I like my lancer just fine I have always been a Hammerburst player for mid to long range fights, as it is now I don’t feel like we have enough options with everything being made a pick up (disregard the Enforcer as this is not an effective counter to the gnasher). What are your thoughts, concerns and opinions, leave a comment below.


Hammer burst can only be used as a starter weapon when playing online private matches or offline lan matches.

Sadly, yes, I know this, I’m asking that it be usable during public core game modes, and possibly comp, though I can see why it was removed from comp.

I’ve had this debate many times on here, I’m just giving an instant like for the title. The Hammerburst II is my favourite weapon by far, as it has been since Gears 2.


Same here, I’ve always been a Hammerburst player :frowning:

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But which version of the hammer burst was the strongest? Semi automatic or the burst version?

In my hands, the Semi-automatic. By far.

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I enjoyed both versions, with that in mind the classic hammerburst from judgement was actually one of my favorites, though I always did enjoy the single round semi-auto, At this point I would take anything, lol… Hate having it as a pickup… To answer your question though, I think the semi-auto was more powerful.

I think the HB should definitely be load out again because I feel it helps people playing on controller. Before switching to a mouse, the HB was my go to. With a mouse I prefer a lancer because I can control the recoil but if I go back to controller, I really want the HB as a load-out because it puts you on a more even playing field with mouse users when it comes to rifle use.

I know why they dumped it but still feel that they could control it by letting only 2 or 3 spawn positions choose it for load out. If you aren’t in the correct spawn position to get a HB and you want one, request a swap.


Good man.

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Actually a good reason… I will like this thread.

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Hammerburst should never ever again be a load out weapon. It is just too strong. Pick it up if you wanna play with it. I usually pick it up sometimes cause its a good power weapon. But a starter weapon, no.


Probably because of the active reload boast being too strong at times.

I think the current set up is perfect. If you really want to use the Hammerburst then hop into social or pick one up.


Thats what I am saying. I pick it up sometimes but I prefer the Lancer

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I think it just fits better in terms of balance. When the game first launched all the sweats used HB because they knew it was OP. Removing it as a starter weapon was probably the best thing TC did for this game.

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Or I could just play it private or offline lan since that’s the only way to select it as a load out.

Next thing ya know people are gonna want to remove everything but the shotgun…oh wait…those people are already clamoring for it.

No hammerburst as starting weapon , hell no … All long range weapons should be pickup only ,yes lancer too , starting with gnasher only !


They used it because most people are hammerbusrt players, they could have nerfed it instead of removing it entirely, for example… The active reload would no longer increase damage but instead there’s only an increase to your fire rate.

Thing is, I don’t think it fits into the same class as a power weapon… Such as drop shot, or boomshot, embar, ect… It’s not even on the same tier as the markza… I don’t think it should be a pickup, once I come along a real power weapon I have to drop my pick up (Hammerburst).

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